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Adoption trafficking in China: "The authorities have expropriated my daughter"

A dozen men brutally entered the home of farmer Yang Libing in Fengxing Village. Only his parents are at home, they take care of their granddaughter. The grandmother hides in the pigsty with baby Yangling, but is discovered.

The girl is torn from her arms and taken away as an “illegally born baby.” They say to the grandfather: “We are taking her to town. The fine was not paid for them. "

The girl's grandfather now recalled April 29, 2005, when the officials of the family planning office of the Gaoping rural community in Longhui County in Hunan had behaved like "berserkers". On that day, Yangling, who had been completely legally born nine months earlier, disappeared.

Babies with forged papers

She was kidnapped by unscrupulous and greedy family planners who didn't check that the baby was registered. They waited for the grandfather to trigger it for a hefty fine. If not, they would use forged papers to turn Yangling into a baby who was allegedly abandoned by its parents.

Then they would put it in a welfare and orphanage home, where it would be put up for adoption abroad. Functionaries and home managers worked hand in hand.

On the afternoon of the kidnapping, the desperate grandfather asked the family authorities to return his granddaughter. He learned that he would have to get 6,000 yuan for it. When he borrowed 4,000 yuan, it was too late. Yangling had already ended up in the Shaoyang County Care Home and was given the new family name Shao.

Babies never showed up

Her birth father, who worked with his wife as a migrant worker 1,000 kilometers away and had left his baby in the care of his grandparents, hurried back but was unable to do anything. Yang complained everywhere: "The authorities have expropriated my daughter."

At least 16 of the officially robbed babies in the region between 2002 and 2005 never reappeared with their parents. Because they were not immediately redeemed for horrific amounts of money as punishment for disregarding birth planning, unlike other babies, the officials put them in the Shaoyang Home as "babies abandoned or abandoned by their families".

They now live with unsuspecting adoptive families in the USA or the Netherlands, the Beijing magazine "Caixin-Century" has now revealed. The weekly magazine made the hair-raising scandal surrounding Beijing's one-child policy public with a twelve-page cover story under the heading "The outcast children of Shao".

Speechless nation

He is also reviewing China's mass adoptions of more than 100,000 children placed with foreign parents. The scandal is making waves. Both the Global Times and the official Xinhua news agency wrote that it was "making our nation speechless". The Shaoyang city government ordered an investigation into the allegations.