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Foreign scholarship - costs and subsidies

Many students dream of studying at a first-class university abroad. It is possible to study for a while at Imperial College London, Stanford University or the University of Tokyo, but only with wealthy parents or a scholarship abroad.

This article explains which scholarships are available, how high the costs for a stay abroad are and what additional funding can be expected.

What scholarships are there for semesters abroad?

In total there are around 2,300 scholarship programs available in Germany to which students can apply. Among other things, the reported Portal International Doorway, so to speak the door opener for a Scholarship abroad. Many of these grants are intended for study abroad. Such Above all, foreign scholarships are offered of:

  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Governments
  • Partner programs between universities / colleges

In this way, competent young people should either be recruited for science or a company, or the relevant foreign university and the country should be advertised. The Erasmus Plus program is one of the best-known scholarship programs in Germany. Almost every German university / college maintains contacts with foreign partner universities and has signed a so-called Erasmus agreement with them. Academic scholarships in the USA are particularly in demand.

What are the requirements?

Anyone applying for a scholarship abroad as part of the Erasmus Plus program must apply for a Bachelor or master degree be enrolled or to the PhD students counting. Such scholarships are often awarded to people whose background has a low-income or even needy family and who could not study abroad without financial support.

Many scholarship programs also await volunteer work as well as a certain talent. Very often the condition for an international scholarship is the Preparation of an experience report or the Participation in certain projects at the selected college / university. Of course, the applicant must be of the age required by law.

How do I find your scholarship abroad?

The search for that suitable scholarship for studying abroad can be started over the Internet. There are several websites that have lists of relevant scholarships. These websites include:

  • abroad

On these pages you can find scholarship announcements and the most important tips on the respective requirements. You will also receive information on the amount of the scholarship you are applying for. Some providers pay the fees for the university, others pay part of the living costs during the stay abroad and some even assume the entire costs.

How much the amount ultimately depends on Length of stay and the Type of scholarship depending on whether there is a Full or partial scholarship is and whether one Short-term or long-term stay aspires to.

Financing your living with a scholarship abroad

The amount of the monthly grant varies and depends on the provider. For example, the Polish government 325 euros for a period of 9 months from which Latvian government is there for 11 months 670 euros per month and one of the Finnish government The arranged scholarship pays 12 months long 1,500 euros every month. At the Erasmus Plus program lies the monthly Maximum amount at 650 euros. Many students decide to have a part-time job at the place of study in addition to studying abroad in order to improve their financial means for living.

Travel expenses for a scholarship abroad

There are even special travel grants for students to stay abroad. The Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, the Bavarian Ministry of Education as well as the Dr. Alexander Mayer Foundation grant a travel grant as Flat rate of 900 euros. The Support center at the Ranke-Heinemann Institute or the Australian-New Zealand University Association also award a travel grant five times a year if the applicant is domiciled in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. In addition, he must already be supervised by the Ranke-Heinemann Institute, want to study for at least 2 months in Canada, Australia or New Zealand and be able to prove a study place through CoE. If these requirements are met, he will receive a one-off Amount of 1,000 euros for the flight costs.

What other funding opportunities are there?

In addition to the classic scholarship abroad, students have the option of the so-called Foreign BaföG to apply if you want to study in a country of the European Union for at least 6 months. Since the so-called follow-up costs are also covered by the office, the student can use his / her Studying abroad BaföG receive. If the place of study is outside the EU, a stay for one year can be funded. In exceptional cases, funding for up to two and a half years is also possible. In such a case, the Office for Education Funding bears the following costs:

  • Traveling expenses
  • Tuition fees (maximum 4,600 euros)
  • Allowance for any additional health insurance
  • Allowance between 60 and 255 euros per month towards the cost of living

Another option are low-interest rates that are individually tailored to the student's circumstances Education loans. The student also receives such loans in addition to already approved BaföG, but must apply for it in good time, as the federal government has a fixed budget per year. A student loan must be repaid 4 years after receiving it in predetermined installments or with a one-off payment.


Those who would like to study abroad but do not have the necessary financial resources can still fulfill their dream, either through a scholarship abroad or with the help of various funding opportunities that the state has created. There are Travel grants, foreign BaföG for students inside or outside the European Union and very low-interest education loans. The requirements for scholarships or other grants are usually not too high, so that everyone has the chance to apply and finance their studies abroad with the help of a scholarship. Costs are calculated differently if a place in a boarding school is desired.


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