Have you ever experimented with makeup?

Kylie Jenner's makeup routine

The 20-year-old can apply lip liner with her eyes closed - without marking herself!

Have you ever wondered how cosmetics Queen Kylie Jenner creates her flawless beauty look? The secret was recently revealed by none other than KJ himself. She explains her routine step by step and shares her best tips with her fans. Don't worry, you can imitate her look in just 37 steps! 😉

Step 1: your eyebrows. In step 2 she explains how you can make up the perfect copper eye make-up and shares little tips and tricks on how to make up your flawless contouring. Every look is rounded off with a lot of blush. Over and over again.

Just for info: this is Kylie's version of a not-too-crazy make-up, as she has a few meetings later - so almost 40 steps are KJ’s version of "easy".

The most important information I took away from the video:

  1. She tests all of her products on her best friend Jordyn Woods before applying them herself. So next time you're at Kylie's home, be prepared to go home with lipstick, eye shadow, and foundation strips on your arms as she tries her Kylie Cosmetics products on absolutely everyone.
  2. Eyeshadow is applied after the eyebrows but before the foundation. Why? So that she can then wipe away all the eye shadow that may have fallen on her cheeks with a make-up removal tissue without having to apply her foundation for free.
  3. Her mother Kris Jenner is "to blame" that Kylie discovered her love for make-up at an early age. “Even back then, she always let me experiment with her make-up. In 6th grade I was even allowed to go to school with purple eyeshadow, ”she says.
  4. As soon as she has covered everything on her face, she uses extra foundation to line her eyebrows and sharpen the edges.
  5. By the way, she and her older sister Kim are no competitors when it comes to their beauty empires. "We develop completely different products and love it ... the more make-up the better!"
  6. She uses lip liner to fill in all of her lips - and she can do it with her eyes closed! Pretty impressive. I often have problems not painting over the edge in front of a perfectly lit mirror.
  7. When her Kylie Lip Kits hit the market, she didn't even make it to her own party in time before the products sold out.
  8. Rouge / Blush is Kylie's favorite part of her routine. She wears it on her forehead, chin and nose. Actually all over her face. And again and again in between. "Only then does my look feel complete."
  9. Black mascara on top and brown on the bottom make for a more subtle look that is more suitable for everyday use.
  10. Make-up spray at the end is a MUST !!

You can find the complete routine here:


Be impressed!

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