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Singapore is the undisputed food mecca of Asia. Every opportunity is discussed here about where to meet for the next meal and what to eat there. And the choice of dining and dining options in Singapore is unparalleled. Whether Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian or Thai cuisine: They are all part of the culinary heritage of the Southeast Asian metropolis with its multi-ethnic population. We have put together some gastronomic hotspots for you that you cannot miss on your next visit to Singapore.

(Last update: September 2019) The cuisine of Singapore combines Chinese, Indian and Malaysian flavors that combine to create an irresistible world of flavors and produce some of the best dishes - at least the jury at CNN Travel is convinced of that. Without further ado, the Americans added 5 typical Singapore dishes to their popular “World's 50 Best Foods” list.

Visitor tips for Singapore

Must-sees in Singapore? We have put together a list of our favorite tips for you.

Here is the list.

You have to try these 7 specialties

1. Chilli Crabs

The American news channel CNN calls Chilli Crabs one of the “50 most delicious delicacies in the world”. Contrary to its name, the extremely popular dish is not really spicy. Rather, pureed tomatoes dominate the tangy “chili sauce”.

You can get wonderful chilli crabs at “No Signboard Seafood” in the Esplanade. If you sit outside, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Marina Bay. The best way to go with the dish is to drink a cold beer or freshly squeezed calamasi juice.


Reserve a table between 7.30pm and 9.30pm and who would like to enjoy the Marina Bay Sands light show.


No Signboard Seafood

2. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chinese immigrants from Hainan Province in southern China originally brought this dish to Singapore. Chicken rice is characterized by its simplicity. Made with local herbs and spices, this dish consists of poached chicken served on steamed rice with garlic chilli and dark soy sauce. If you want to prepare a really good chicken rice, you need a lot of experience. Chicken rice is an indispensable part of the menu for many Singaporeans.

The Michelin Guide proves that Chicken Rice can meet high gastronomic standards even from a street stall. He awarded Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice the Bib Gourmand at the Maxwell Food Center near Chinatown.


Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

3. Laksa

Laksa is a spicy coconut noodle soup that comes from the cuisine of the Peranakans. This popular fishcake and shrimp dish is as much a part of Singapore as the merlion. The question of which restaurant serves Singapore's best laksa is controversial - and of course everyone has their own opinion. We are convinced that you can get the best laksa in Katong. The restaurant is located in a Peranakan district, which is known for its variety of restaurants.


328 Katong Laksa

4. Satay

The super popular meat kebabs come from Indonesian cuisine. They are usually served with cucumber and raw onions. Under no circumstances should the addictive peanut sauce be missing. And be careful: a single satay stick is never enough! We think the best satay sticks are in the “Satay Club” by Lau Pat Sat.


Satay Club

5. Curry

The Little India district is the place to go for everyone who wants to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine. , prepare to eat authentic Indian food with your hands and indulge in dining on banana leaves. Our favorites are Chicken Nasi Biryani and Curry Fish Head at Banana Leaf, which are also some of the locals' favorite dishes.


Banana Leaf

6. Bak Kut Teh (Pork rib soup)

Bak Kut Teh is an aromatic soup specialty from Singapore. It consists of an intensely spicy bouillon and boiled pork ribs floating in it. Translated from Chinese, Bak Kut Teh means something like pork rib tea - which doesn't exactly sound good to European ears. But the broth tastes all the better.

The soup is served with fried buffer dough (a type of bread) or rice. It is best to drink a cup of Chinese tea with it.

7. Durian

Durian is “the king of fruit”. The proud fruit is a definite specialty. Their pudding-like flesh is hidden in a repellent, prickly bowl. It can only be opened with a small ax.

The fruit is a national myth and polarized. Because it smells very strong, not everyone likes it. The durian is forbidden in buses, taxis, hotels and trains, which is why it is usually eaten directly by the seller on the road bike.

Arrival in Singapore

Singapore Airlines flies daily with an Airbus A380 from Zurich to the Southeast Asian metropolis. The award-winning airline proves on its flights that fair prices and first-class services can go hand in hand, even in economy class. For example, there is a toothbrush, hand cream and mouthwash on board. The return flight to the vibrant city is available from around 620 francs.

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Our restaurant tips

1. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is without a doubt one of our favorite dim sum spots. The Chinese dumplings at Din Tai Fung are so wonderful that the food chain was awarded a Michelin star. Din Tai Fung branches can be found in many parts of the city. Our favorite is in Raffles City. There you can look into the busy kitchen through a glass wall and watch how the delicate bags are artfully made à la minute.


252 North Bridge Road, B1-08, Singapore 179103


Din Tai Fung

2. Candle Nut

A sophisticated cuisine is celebrated in the Candle Nut. It is based on the culinary heritage of the Peranakan and is a delicious mix of Malaysian and Chinese influences. The Michelin Guide has given the Candle Nut a star, elevating the original Singapore cuisine to the gastronomic throne. Thanks to head chef Malcolm Tan, awareness of the special ingredients and methods of preparation remains - and does not slowly die out with the last grandmothers.


17A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249676


Candle nut

3. Hashida sushi

Artful preparation and culinary tradition are part of Hashida Sushi, as has recently been the well-deserved Michelin star. This restaurant offers space for just 36 people, spread over tables, counter spaces and 2 private rooms. The counter seats are very popular. From there you can watch the extremely nimble sushi chefs as they create delicious creations with well-coordinated movements. The fish and seafood are flown in four times a week from the Tsujiki market in Japan and twice a week directly from Hokkaido. Be sure to order omakase (I'll leave it up to you) where the kitchen puts together the best of everything.


25 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238969


Hashida sushi

4. Crystal Jade Golden Palace

A hotspot for dim sum connoisseurs and lovers of Cantonese cuisine. Also awarded with a Michelin star and very popular. Without a reservation you won't get a place here spontaneously. The Crystal Jade Golden Palace is located in a mall, which is no exception in Singapore. The entrance to the restaurant leads through a dark, obscure corridor before entering a nice, simple room. The dishes are all of the best quality and taste heavenly. Our favorite dishes here? Steamed vegetarian crystal dumplings and desserts made from yam paste - which may take some getting used to for Europeans, but my grandmother is one of the best around.


290 Orchard Rd, # 05-22 Paragon Shopping Center, Singapore 238859


Crystal Jade Golden Palace

5. Tsuta ramen

And another Michelin star: This time for the Tsuta Ramen, the first ramen restaurant to receive this prestigious award. The queue at this restaurant is sometimes long, but it goes quickly until you have your seat. The ordering process is automated. The ramen soups consist of a soy sauce broth enriched with a truffle aroma and an irresistible umami aroma.


9 Scotts Road, # 01-01, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210


Tsuta ramen

6. Brother Bird Soft Serve

This simple eatery in the Malay Heritage Quartier not only serves the most extraordinary soft ice cream in Singapore. There are also fried mochis (soft Japanese rice cakes) and fried Korean chicken with chilli sauce.


189868, 30 Bali Ln, Singapore 189866


Brother Bird

7. Don Ho