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Exercise ball in the office or home office - useful?

An exercise ball as an office chair - you have to pay attention to this!

An exercise ball in the office or at home - does that make sense? Sitting balls are supposed to help improve posture when sitting for long periods and prevent back pain. You can find out here whether an exercise ball is a sensible alternative to an office chair.

Back pain: widespread disease number one

Most people today have a sedentary job in the office or home office. That means: you spend many hours every day sitting at your desk. However, the sitting, bent position, in which one remains for many hours, brings with it problems: It is often difficult to maintain a healthy posture while sitting. At the end of the working day, in addition to coping with stress, many also have to struggle with back problems.

Pain in the intervertebral discs or lumbago are not only common diseases because of the sitting position at work. After all, many remain in an unhealthy sitting position all day: whether we work at a desk during the day or watch TV or netflix after work. Most of the recreational activities in front of the screen are performed while seated.

Is Sitting on a Sitting Ball Healthy?

Exercise balls counteract postural damage and pain caused by long periods of sitting and incorrect sitting positions. Sitting balls promise to simply but effectively prevent bad posture. By sitting on a gymnastics ball or Pezzi ball, the body should also keep moving while sitting. After all, even in a sitting position, slight movements of the ball must be steadily compensated for. This in turn constantly changes the sitting position and is intended to train the back muscles and ensure a straight spine posture. But does it really work and can you prevent back pain and disc problems by sitting on the ball?

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What are the advantages of an exercise ball as an office chair?

A sitting ball has various advantages both at home and in the office. This is particularly due to the fact that the ball has a direct influence on your sitting posture due to its lack of backrests. Since there is no backrest, it becomes impossible to slouch carelessly in the seat. Instead, your body and therefore your abdominal and back muscles are constantly challenged while you are sitting.

To sit up straight and the balance Holding on while working or watching TV takes some concentration. In addition, the feet must be firmly on the floor while sitting - otherwise you can hardly stabilize yourself while sitting. All of this means that the body remains active even in a sitting position. A limp posture is practically impossible.

In addition, you have to do this on the sitting ball balance hold. This requires a certain amount of concentration and prevents your thoughts from wandering, especially when you are working. Overall, it is therefore possible that the ball promotes the ability to concentrate on a specific task.

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What are the disadvantages of sitting balls in the office?

As an alternative to office chairs, sitting balls were already popular a few years ago. They are currently celebrating a real comeback as seating for the home and office. It is undisputed that a sitting ball promotes active sitting and thus a healthy posture. But does that also mean that you should actually completely replace your dining room and office chairs with exercise balls?

In order to find out if an exercise ball is really a good substitute for a chair, you need to consider what really makes a good chair. In particular, an office chair, on which you spend a lot of time every day, should actively support the spine while sitting. This is usually done with armrests and backrests that can be adapted to your own height and shape.

The first is already revealed here Disadvantage of a gym ball: Seating balls are available in various sizes in stores. However, it is not possible to really adapt the ball to your own desk or body.

In addition, if you completely replace the office chair with a seating ball, it will Sitting on the ball tiring after some time. This affects performance in everyday work. In addition, the straighter posture you assume on the exercise ball can reverse itself over time. After all, the muscles that maintain the optimal spinal position when sitting on the ball become overloaded after a while. Due to the Overloading the musclesthen adopt a rather unhealthy posture on the ball.

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Buying an exercise ball: what size do I need?

When buying a pezzi ball, you should always your height consider. The correct seat height is essential for healthy and comfortable sitting. There are of course individual differences in leg length and the ratio of upper body to lower body, but the following values ​​can serve as a rough guide. Your legs should always touch the ground. Ideally, try different ball sizes in a shop.

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  • 1.40 m height - 45 cm sitting ball size
  • 1.41 m to 1.54 m height - 55 cm sitting ball size
  • 1.55 m to 1.75 m height - 65 cm sitting ball size
  • 1.76 m to 1.85 m height - 75 cm sitting ball size
  • 1.86 m to 2.00 m height - 85 cm sitting ball size
  • 2.01 m to 2.15 m height - 95 cm sitting ball size

Sitting posture: how do I sit properly at work?

If you would like to make your everyday life more back-friendly - despite using a "conventional" desk chair, occupational safety physicians recommend Incorporate variety into the working day. This means: You should make sure to take regular breaks and at least for a short time alternate between walking, sitting and standing. This makes it easy and uncomplicated to relieve the strain on the back in everyday office life or in the home office.

It also makes sense to consciously pay attention to a straight, back-friendly posture. You can use a Cell phone alarm clockringing every 60 minutes. In any case, you should get up from your workplace at least every 60 minutes, leave your desk on the left and walk around the apartment, the stairwell or around the block. Sitting is one of the greatest health risks in the modern world. Also wear regular sports units and exercise during leisure time contribute to strengthening the back. In the long term, both of these also promote a strong back and good posture.

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Active break: exercises on the sitting ball for in between

Since our spine loves and needs movement, the best protection against and against back pain is regular mobilization of the entire back. It is best to do the following exercises several times a day - do not worry, you only need a few seconds! When doing this, pay attention to your safety and enough space so that you do not damage your desk.

  1. Back and forth: Move up and down in a straight line on the sitting ball. You squeeze the ball with your buttocks, so to speak, and then shoot up. Your bottom can, but does not necessarily have to, detach itself from the ball.
  2. Hip circles: Make increasing circles with your hips on the stability ball by tilting your pelvis forwards, sideways and backwards. Draw the circles nice and slowly and extensively. This mobilizes your entire spine and relieves tension in the hips and lower back in particular.
  3. Hike: Take your feet alternately two to three steps forward and then back again. Only go as far forward as you can safely maintain your balance. While doing this, tense your stomach to keep your balance on the ball.

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Does a sitting ball overload the back muscles?

Sitting balls are ideal for the home office. They offer a change from the normal desk chair with castors and serve to strengthen and mobilize the back muscles. In the office and with permanent use, however, a sitting ball also has disadvantages, as you will learn below.

If you have to sit in the office for many hours every day, a sitting ball is only partially suitable as a seat. If you stay on the ball for a long time, this can ultimately overload the muscles and even cause damage. At home and for oneA sitting ball is still recommended for shorter periods of time or as an exercise ball.

After all, sturdy exercise balls can be used as a chair replacement at the dining table or for other leisure activities. They are also perfect for using them as sports equipment. When used in a targeted manner, they actually help to effectively strengthen the back and prevent posture problems.

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In the office however, you'd better go for a high quality and ergonomically shaped office chair put. This is more comfortable than spending eight hours on a rubber ball, especially on hot days. In addition, it is more back-friendly in the long term, more accident-proof and simply more practical than a sitting ball. Finally, height adjustability and an ergonomic office chair shape ensure comfort and more comfortable work. Also discuss with your manager how you can improve ergonomics in the workplace.

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