Cola still contains cocaine

Was cocaine really in Coca Cola?

It sounds like a bad joke to our ears today that Coca Cola actually used to contain cocaine. There's really something to these rumors. We took a look around the past of what is arguably the world's most controversial drink.

Coca Cola as medicine

For now one should calm the mind, today there is certainly no more cocaine in the Coca Cola. Even if it is very popular, the drink is still far from healthy. The inventor of Coca Cola actually had exactly this ulterior motive. It should be prescribed for headache, depression, or sexual aversion. To produce these effects, the effervescent contained not only cocaine, but also alcohol and the natural aphrodisiac damiana.

A pharmacist invented it

The origin of Coca Cola goes back to a pharmacist named John Pemperton. He himself was addicted to morphine and wanted to get his own addiction under control with his invention. With the prohibition law in the USA, however, one was then forced to change the recipe of his medicine.

No more cocaine in Coca Cola

In 1887, the Coca Cola Company bought his recipe from the pharmacist a year before his death. The recipe was changed from Coca Cola in 1903 and is arguably the company's best-kept secret to this day. Up until this point, however, cocaine was still used in its manufacture. It is believed, however, that extracts from coca leaves are still in the drink today. However, the cocaine it contains is withdrawn beforehand.