Firefighters in the US are overpaid

Greedy bankers, poor educators | Who too much and
who earns too little

What is the fair wage? This question is currently dividing the grand coalition and is always the subject of political debate in many countries around the world, a new survey shows.

While the fight for the minimum wage is raging in Germany, the Americans are also concerned with the question of which occupational groups are overpaid and which are underpaid.

The US business magazine "Business Insider" let its readers decide. They agree: The income in the financial sector is a thorn in their side, farm workers and educators earn far too little.

For the vote, the magazine compiled a list of 50 professional groups. The “Business Insider” disclosed the average annual wages for each group. In this way, the readers were able to form their judgment about the earning potential in the different professional groups - and decide whose performance is appropriately remunerated, who earns too much money and whose wages are insolently low. 400 readers took part in the vote. Therefore, while the results are not representative, they do provide an understanding of how many Americans feel about which incomes are fair - and which are unfair.

Top 10 overpaid jobs

placejob"Overpaid""Underpaid"Average wage
per year
1Finance manager77,3%0,9%123.260 $
2Board members and business
leaders of companies
64,3%2,9%176.840 $
3Financial analysts and
Financial advisor
59,5%1,9% 86.240 $
4Real estate agent57,6%1,9% 80. 220 $
5Lawyers53,9%4,6%130.880 $
6dentists53,4%3,6%166. 910 $
7Agents of athletes
and entertainers
52,9%6,2% 88.620 $
8Athletes52,9%4% 75.760 $
9Surgeons49%5,4%230. 540 $
10pharmacist48,2%4,9%114. 950 $

► The result: finance managers in particular are in the pillory. Not even 1% of the respondents rate their wages as too low. The overwhelming majority of 77% of respondents think they are getting way too much. The striking distance to the CEOs in the USA is striking. Third place is followed by a professional group that is also out and about in the financial jungle: The merits of financial advisors and analysts also make many Americans clench their fists in their pockets with anger. In plain language: the industry, which was highly respected before the financial crisis, has fallen deeply in respect.

Top 10 underpaid jobs

wages per year
1Workers in rural
economic area
88,9%1,4%21.920 $
2Educator / carer in the
87,8%1,9%21.310 $
3Cooks86,4%0,7%22.260 $
4Waiter78,9%1%20. 710$
5Building cleaners77,7%1,2%23.970 $
6Firefighters76%2,7%47.850 $
7Fast Food Employee
Chains & Switches
72,8%1,7%18.810 $
8Factory workers71,2%2,5%30.970 $
9Teacher68,8%5,5 %57.700 $
10Hairdressers68,5%1,2%26. 820 $

► In the ranking of wages that violate the sense of justice of the Americans, the farm workers and child educators come first. Americans also see the merits of service providers such as cooks, waiters and building cleaners as unfair. The public scolding teachers popular in Germany seems alien to the Americans. The wages of their children's high school teachers are too low for them.

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