Can you write something romantic here?

Writing romantic sayings: 12 tips + 60 examples

With an individual romantic saying you can make your partner a very special friend. We give you tips on how to write romantic sayings yourself and have numerous examples for you that should help you to send the right saying to your partner.

What is romantic anyway?

What is romance anyway?

In order to be able to determine which sayings are romantic, we must first ask ourselves this question: what is actually romantic? After all, it was not without reason that Romanticism established itself as an epoch. It is characterized by the subjective and imaginative perception of people. Her motives are longing and love. Romanticism strives for infinity and to break the boundaries between dream and reality. It is no different with romantic sayings. If you are in love and write such a saying yourself, you are also writing down your very own thoughts about love and life.

Everyone has their own understanding of what is romantic. Some women like it clichéd with kneeling and a carriage, others find it romantic when a man cooks for them or takes good care of their children, and still others don't like candlelight and love poems. Love letters can also be something for men, as long as they are not too cheesy and plastered with rhymes. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention and can do something with public tokens of love. Not everyone is a fan of surprises.

Ultimately, you need to know for yourself what you and your partner find romantic and what not. In a romantic action, the focus should of course be on what is romantic for your partner. One shouldn't confuse romance with romantic clichés. So don't assume that something is automatically romantic to a person just because it's pink, public, or sung.

A saying about love

A saying about love doesn't come off your lips so easily. Many people find it difficult to talk about their feelings. If you're not into big talk, a romantic saying can help you express yourself clearly instead of avoiding your feelings.

Our numerous examples can help you to solve the blockage. Either you manage to write a saying about love yourself or you find out which romantic one suits you and your partner. Famous quotes from people or from films often summarize the meaning and content of love very well and can help you with the formulation.

Situations for romantic sayings

Situations for romantic sayings

Typical situations for a romantic saying are of course birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Christmas and so on. It is always nice to prepare a saying for one of these occasions. But why not use the surprise effect and spontaneously create a romantic situation yourself? It doesn't have to be a ride on a horse on the beach, the main thing is that a private atmosphere can arise so that you can speak or hand over your saying in peace. Even the effort you make to spend time together and enjoy beautiful moments is romantic. If you adapt the saying to the planned situation, your partner will know that you have put a lot of effort into planning everything carefully.

Gifts with a romantic saying

If you want to give your partner something for a certain occasion or if you are planning a surprise with a present, it is of course especially nice if your romantic saying goes with it. We have a few examples for you that go with specific gifts and situations. Theoretically, however, a suitable saying can be formulated for everything. In the course of this article you will find out how you can write romantic sayings yourself.

  • Vacation: Our love is like a snowflake - unique and light. To show you what you mean to me, I want to fly with you through the snowflakes. I know you've been wishing for a long time: We're going skiing!
  • Concert: You are my muse, the melody of my life. Your voice is like music to my ears every day. For this reason I want to make sure that music can also be heard in your ears. We're both going to a concert!
  • To eat out: I love that we cook together so often. But today I want to pamper you, let work rest and go out to eat with you. By candlelight we then have time to concentrate fully on ourselves. After all, love goes through the stomach.
  • Jewellery: You are the jewel of my life, a rare diamond. You ennoble my life so I ennoble your hand Take this ring as a token of my love and know that you will always be the most beautiful in my life.
  • Homemade pralines: Chocolate makes happy. My sweet tooth, you make me happy. Now I want to give you something back: these chocolates are for you.
  • Flowers: This bouquet of sunflowers should tell you something: When you shine on me, it's like sunshine on my face. Your touch is like the warm rays of the sun on my skin. You blind me so that I forget all worries and concentrate on the beautiful things in life. You are like a sunflower and you make me laugh every day.

Time in a relationship for romantic sayings

It's never too early for a romantic saying. The only thing that makes a difference is the content of the saying. Of course, you shouldn't surprise someone you've just met with a sudden confession of love. Neither should you devalue a long-term relationship with a rather friendly saying.

Here are a few examples of sayings that are more intended for the beginning of a relationship or for the dating time. You can't really rush something with them. But they're a nice gesture to show that you care about a person.

  1. I count the hours until you are with me again.
  2. You have impressed me from the first moment and awaken the feeling of the future in me.
  3. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the nice dates, thank you for the nice moments and thank you for the unforgettable kisses.
  4. It's still too early for love, but I notice that I'm blooming more and more with you.
  5. I know there is more to both of us than friendship.

Now a few examples that are suitable for a long-term relationship. Even after such a long time, it's still nice to get a confession of love. As you do so, make sure that you appreciate the depth of your relationship and emphasize that your feelings are still the same as ever.

  1. The love between two people
    lives from the beautiful moments.
    But she grows through the difficult times
    that both of them manage together.
  2. Look in your eyes, you all
    confide in, share every joy with you,
    we overcome all pain.
    Sink into your eyes, almost into your love
    drown, that's what I wish from you,
    together - we!
  3. There are people with whom you can let your legs and soul dangle. You can just be yourself, without a facade, without a doubt, sometimes even without words. These people are rare, once you have found one you have to hold on to them.
  4. Every day a little more. I love you a little more every day. Every day I miss you a little more and every day I become more certain that you are the dream woman I have been looking for.
  5. We found each other like two leaves in the wind
    now we have a child and are forever connected.

“Love is…” sayings

The nice thing about "love is ..." sayings is that they can be used in many ways and you can always list some of them. They look nice on a card if you still have space and are definitely of the romantic type. “Love is…” Sayings are honest and quickly get to the heart of important properties of love. In addition, they adapt to every situation and relationship. Especially if you have difficulty finding the right formulations and don't want to be too cheesy, you can simply write down what love is for you. So you have quickly written a romantic saying and, if you want, you can write a small text to go with it. Now a few examples (some with text, some without):

  1. Love is… reaching for the stars together.
  2. Love is ... when reality is more beautiful than any dream.
  3. Love is ... never wanting to be without the other.
    Even if there are days when we don't see each other, I'm incredibly happy to have you by my side. I can no longer imagine my life without you.
  4. Love is ... when one becomes three.
    I can hardly wait for our son to be born and I am eternally grateful for making my dream of a family come true.
  5. Love is ... sharing your dessert.
  6. Love is… listening to one another.
  7. Love is ... a belly full of butterflies.
  8. Love is ... like a day by the sea.
  9. Love is ... letting her choose the film in the cinema.
    I could never get tired of seeing your smiley face when we go to a Disney movie in the cinema.
  10. Love is ... an adventure.
    It is adventurous that every time I see you I fall in love with you anew.
  11. Love is ... a step in the same direction.
    I can hardly wait until we move in together and lay the foundation for our future together.
  12. Love is ... friendship.
    I love that you are not only my great love, but also my best friend.

Romantic quotes

Romantic quotes also have the character of a saying. They deal with the subject of love in a general way. So you can't go wrong as long as you don't put pressure on your relationship prematurely with serious quotes. Look at the quotes in terms of your relationship and think about what suits you.

  1. When two lovers are united, difficulties are not an obstacle.
    (Alfred de Musset)
  2. Because where I am yours, I am only mine.
  3. True love arises from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters.
    (Theodore Simon Jouffroy)
  4. It is said that love robs those who have mind and gives it to those who have none.
    (Denis Diderot)
  5. To write a love letter, you have to start without knowing what to say and end without knowing what you said.
    (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
  6. The more love you give, the more you have of it.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Romantic quotes from movies

For couples who would like to have a relationship like in the film, romantic sayings from films are also suitable. You can use these sayings with a serious background or with a slight wink. Make sure your partner understands the quote correctly. If you are not sure, write a little text to complement it. Maybe you have a favorite movie together or you know your partner's favorite movie and are looking for a romantic quote from it.

  1. "It doesn't matter how long you wait
    but to whom. "
    (Some like it hot, 1959)
  2. "When you have understood
    that you want to spend the rest of your life together
    then you want the rest of life to start as soon as possible. "
    (Harry and Sally, 1989)
  3. "Because of you, I want to be a better person."
    (It couldn't be better, 1997)
  4. "The only thing that might be special about me
    are you."
    (Great Expectations, 1998)
  5. “I content myself with a moment, just one. So perfect that it lasts a lifetime. I don't want forever, I want now. And I want it until I'm old and gray. "
    (Aimée & Jaguar, 1999)
  6. “You are my heart, little one.
    Could I live without my heart? "
    (Blow, 2001)
  7. “You are the fulfillment of all my prayers.
    You're a song, a dream, a whisper and I don't know
    how I was able to live without you for so long. "
    (Like a single day, 2004)
  8. "Sometimes you have to ask a person
    the one you love to be apart
    but that doesn't mean you love that person less.
    Sometimes you love her even more. "
    (With you by my side, 2010)

I love you sayings

I love you sayings are wonderful to confess your love for the first time. A romantic saying will help you when you may not dare to say something personally. You can either say "I love you" indirectly with a saying (example 1 and 4) or write it straight out (example 2, 3 and 5).

  1. When I saw you for the first time, it was clear to me: It really exists, it's crazy, love at first sight!
  2. Why have we only been given one heart? We have two feet to walk, two hands to touch, two ears to hear and two eyes to see! But why only one heart? -Because the other half is with someone we have to find first. I found this person in you. I love you.
  3. You give me security and trust, that's why I want to take risks. I just say it straight ahead: I love you - for many days.
  4. I leadL. me wIE a winner BEi you. Now a suggestion: DImen for two, with me. Do you read the NaCHright between the lines, I know for sure: I never want to share you again.
  5. The person who can put a smile on your face without touching you, without speaking to you should be the person you give your heart to! I hereby give it to you and honestly tell you: I love you.

Romantic sayings for women

In this section you will find romantic sayings that are suitable if you as a man want to say something loving to a woman. We have selected sayings that, depending on your taste, range from slightly cheesy rhymes to more serious tokens of love. Most love sayings, however, are suitable for both genders.

  1. The next girl I will love will be our daughter.
  2. I wish nothing more than to go through life with you and that we always stand lovingly to one another!
  3. I wish I were the wind that gently brushes your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly and the moon that watches over your sleep.
  4. You are the sun and the light for me - always remember: I love you!
  5. I'm happy with you because we love and laugh and sometimes do something crazy.

Romantic sayings for men

Everyone likes to hear that they are something very special for their partner. Having an individual, irreplaceable connection with someone is always romantic. Every man is happy to have proof of this. However, it is more likely that a saying without a lot of frills hits the heart more than a long poem with interleaving, metaphors and numerous rhymes. After all, he should be able to identify with your words instead of looking uncertain and puzzling about their meaning in your expectant face.

  1. Every day I wish that this never ends between us.
  2. With you by my side, I can face the whole world.
  3. You are my haven of peace and my rock. With you I feel protected like nobody else. You give me security and for that I love you.
  4. I don't want a prince with all the riches in the world. I want a fighter who sees me as his greatest asset.
  5. We were friends, but that wasn't enough for my heart. Love based on friendship is the most beautiful love there is!

Write romantic sayings yourself

Write romantic sayings yourself

If you want to write romantic sayings yourself, the assessment of your best partner is most important. If you want to maintain the relationship and you are already bothering to write a line yourself, you should make sure that you like the line. It should suit your partner and reflect your individual relationship. Capturing these specifics and putting them into words is easier said than done. We try to help you with this guide.


The first step in writing romantic sayings is brainstorming. First, write down everything that you can think of about your relationship, unsorted. Common hobbies, experiences or other things that connect you are suitable for this. You can jot down individual words, phrases or sentences. When you've gathered everything, you can divide your notes into clusters or rhymes, depending on your taste. This will bring some structure into it and simplify your writing process. Now either move along the rhymes or formulate a saying that doesn't rhyme and is simply thematically consistent. Sometimes simple lists of words and repetitions can be enough to create a nice saying. These key questions can help you with brainstorming:

  • When and where did we get to know each other?
  • What was the first thing he / she said to me?
  • Why can I imagine a future with him / her?
  • What were our best moments?
  • When did we first say I love you?


So that the saying is really romantic, you should avoid all clichéd phrases. Appeal to the specifics of your relationship and prove to your partner how comparable and irreplaceable he is to you. In order to find out and highlight your individual bond, these key questions will help you:

  • How do we complement each other well?
  • What are my favorite character traits about him / her?
  • How do we behave in conflict situations?
  • What have we been through so far?
  • What makes our relationship special?


In storytelling, you can use whatever you can think of about the questions from the brainstorming session. Depending on how long your romantic love text or saying should be, you can bring in different aspects of your relationship. When you have enough material to write several romantic sayings right away, use your inspiration and write it down. Who knows when you could next use a romantic saying again.

The future of your relationship

Romantic sayings are not only suitable when you want to say I love you. Even if there is an important step in your relationship and you don't know how to address it, you can use a saying. For example, if you would like to go on vacation with your partner for the first time or move in together, you can express this with a romantic saying.

  1. Franz Kafka once said: "He who cares best for the future is who cares for the present." - I promise to always protect and love you so that we can always build on each other in the future.
  2. It is said that the future cannot be foreseen. But I see our future very clearly in front of me and I am sure that it will happen that way.
  3. My heart. I ask you a question, it has occupied me for many days.
    In my dream I see both of us in one room.
    Let's move in together, you have given me previously unimagined powers.
    My love, she's never been so strong
    therefore it had to be that I ask you this.
    Finally I see clearly - please say yes!

Use your own quotations

Romantic sayings from quotes

To make your partner happy, you can also prove to him / her that you have paid attention and are proud of the little things in your relationship. Go inside and see if you have common insiders. Has your partner ever said something that impressed you or did you have a shared insight into your relationship or life? Write it down. Ideally, such a quote should of course be dated. Maybe you can think of at least the year.

Another possibility would be to write down everything from now on with the date that impresses you or that you simply find beautifully said. You make your partner so special because you are not only attentive, but also show admiration and respect for his personality.

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