Why are fencing swords flexible

HF swords for I.33?

Hermann von Eykstern wrote:


Another interesting manufacturer would be Symon Chlebowski. The weapons look really good and "relatively A", the proportions fit, he has intensive contact with the (Polish) fencing scene and I think the price performance is first class. I haven't bought anything from him yet, but we will probably place a bulk order there next year with our MA troop and then I'll be happy to report in detail. However, I read some positive words about him on the internet. I've already sent the link to Alex, but maybe it's also interesting for others.
I can only advise against Chlebowski.

We ordered swords for UK about 1 1/2 years ago.

There were poorly hardened blades with a 1.3mm striking edge (and Chlebowski fights VK himself), which were also extremely unclean (on my sword, for example, he hit once when flexing the hole in the guard bar and the hole was somehow zigzag-shaped. .. Yes, that is difficult to explain, I'll take a picture).

We complained about all 7 or 8 swords we had ordered, he promised us that replacements would arrive in March 2012 at the latest ... Which of course didn't happen. Now he no longer answers us.

Another ordered a sword there, which arrived after 1 1/2 years because Chlebowski had sent it to a wrong address ...

I can really only advise against him.