Do babies have a baby odor

The reason babies smell so good

Oh!!!! Aren't babies the most wonderful thing in this world? The fat cheeks, the cuddly arms, the round legs, the big eyes? And then that smell! Nothing smells like a baby.

By nature, they smell a bit of powder and vanilla and of freshness (okay - except the full diaper, but even the smallest stinker is sometimes ... a stinker!). The scent of a six-month-old baby is undoubtedly wonderful - and there is an important reason for that.

Why babies smell so good

Because, as cognitive scientists were able to prove in this new study, not only the so-called "child schema" (i.e. the child's proportions, the rounded head, the large eyes and the small chin, which act as a key stimulus and thus the - attention - "brood care behavior" trigger) lasting influence on the emotional bond of the parents to their child.

The chuckling noises of a baby and its good smell also trigger the reflex in the parents' cerebrum to protect the little creature, to prepare meals for it and to raise it. The baby's good smell does not affect our intellect, but directly affects our emotions.

We perceive the baby odor not intellectually, but emotionally

The good baby scent is certainly used to preserve the species. Where it comes from has long been researched: Every body sends molecules. Babies always smell a little like milk. Your own smell also helps parents and children to recognize each other. Many mothers describe that they do not even notice the smell of their baby. Right - because if you have your baby with you around the clock, you can often not notice the smell. The brain already perceives it as part of its own odor.

Australian researchers have also found that mothers generally find the diapers of their own children to be less smelly than those of other children. Kind of nature to set it up that way.

When baby's smell changes

You should pay attention if your baby smells slightly sour or rancid. This could be curdled milk that may have collected in the crease in the neck. Even if the baby suffers from reflux (frequent vomiting), the smell is different. Saliva residues that collect in the hand can also smell musty to cheesy after a while ...

Incidentally, breastfeeding children smell differently than bottle-fed children. The baby's scent really changes when the first complementary food is fed. Especially when the babies eat meat, their excretions smell just as ... um ... unpleasant as those of adults.