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Lexicon of useless knowledge: what about Chanel No. 4 and No. 6?

Someone specific Johannis Maria Farinawho came from Italy, invented a perfume in the early 18th century. Because he was in Cologne lived and worked, he called it "Eau de Cologne", as" Water from Cologne ". And because there was no trademark protection at that time, the term" Eau de Cologne "quickly became a synonym for a certain type of perfume.

I had to think of that recently when I was talking to a deodorant sprayed. The term "deodorant" (actually "Deodorant") comes from the Latin and means "Unraveling". "Perfume" Incidentally, it also comes from Latin - from"per fumum"what translates "through smoke" is called and of the earlier usual way, through Incense sticks to improve the smell in rooms.

So when I was standing in front of the mirror, it suddenly occurred to me most famous perfume in the world a - "Chanel No. 5 ". "There is actually one too Chanel No. 4 and a No. 6th? "I asked myself immediately. And got the answer on the Internet.

That is "No!". Because the company "Chanel" once hired a perfumer for their newly founded perfume company, who had previously worked for his old company several times Test perfumes had designed. That was what he offered Coco Chanel at which the 5th sample liked best. Which also found the name ...