Who are KPMG India's customers


For decades, India has been an important and fixed point on the internationalization map of many companies, be it as a sales, market or production location. As one of the largest growth markets in the world, the country is likely to experience sustained high economic growth. Although the Indian market is established as an opportunity for Swiss companies, bureaucracy and a dense regulatory environment prevent many from taking the next step. Companies doing business with or in India often have to comply with compliance and regulatory requirements, including taking advantage of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) benefits. In addition, they value insights into the financing of their Indian activities, the applicable transfer pricing regulations and the handling of money transfers, especially the repatriation of funds to Switzerland.

With years of experience and close relationships between KPMG's experts in Switzerland and India, KPMG is ideally positioned to understand the complexities of doing business on the subcontinent and to support your company's activities in India. Our extensive expertise on India's contradictions and opportunities and our leading position as a provider of auditing and consulting services enable us to deliver well-founded perspectives, local knowledge and clear, value-adding solutions.

We facilitate and support your market entry in India, regardless of your industry. Our specialists, who are very familiar with the conditions in India, also have full access to the know-how of local KPMG colleagues. This makes KPMG a valuable partner for you beyond market entry and into the development and management phase of your presence in India.