Should I come out gay?

Herzfunk: How does it feel when you're gay?

Some boys know exactly from the start: In your life they only fall in love with boys and never with girls - if at all. Other boys only gradually find out that they find boys to fall in love with: namely when they meet the right person and love just starts.

Either way, there is no difference between gay and non-gay when it comes to feelings of love. No matter who you love, it is above all a very nice and exciting feeling. Love for someone can make one completely happy and carefree. And it can make you very sad and desperate if it doesn't work out. For example, when love comes to an end. All lovers experience this in exactly the same way.

Gay, lesbian or bi ...?

They say gay when a boy loves a boy. They say lesbian when a girl loves a girl. And with "bi" or "bi-sexual" is meant that you can love both sexes.

Whether you fall in love with your own, the other, or both sexes is probably one of the characteristics that a child is born with. Just like the color of the eyes or the height, we are given love preferences.

Is everything great with gay love?

Not quite. Often guys who feel that the only other guys they can think of to fall in love with don't have nice feelings at first - above all, they have a problem. When other children can happily look forward to their first love, they have doubts: Is that right, this feeling? What will the others say? It is not yet easy to tell in front of class, at work or to parents that you are in love with your gender. The day on which you take heart and get out with the language is also called coming-out. This is a great day and mostly a great relief. Because it's great when you find yourself right - just the way you are!

Learn more? Talk to others?

Gay youths can find out more on the website of the gay and lesbian youth center "anyway" in Cologne. The young people at anyway talk about themselves, chat in various forums or advise other young people.

Here is the phone number if you want to speak to someone in person: 0221 / 57777-60. You can also ask your question by email. The contact to the advisory team can be found on the website under "anyway4u".