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Modi said - Didi will compete from a different seat? TMC said - Varanasi

Is Mamata Banerjee She fears defeat from the seat of the Nandigram assembly, so will she contest the assembly from any other seat as well? PM Modi raised this question at an election rally. Now the answer from Mamta Banerjee's party TMC to the question from PM Modi has come. TMC has said Didi Nandigram will win and PM Modi should find a safe place for himself in 2024 as he will get a challenge in Varanasi.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the defeat of Mamata Banerjee at the election rally in Howrah's Uluberia.

“We all saw what happened in Nandigram some time ago. It shows that Mamta Banerjee has given up. Didi still has time to nominate for the final phase. Just tell me how much truth there is in the rumor that all of a sudden you will be filing a nomination in a different place. Is that true? Didi was there for the first time (Nandigram), the public showed you. Now go somewhere else, the people of Bengal are ready. "

In response, TMC's Twitter handle is:

Didi wins Nandigram There is no question that they are fighting from second place. Narendra Modi ji, step back from trying to mislead people before people see your lies, before namakan is over. You (PM Narendra Modi) are looking for a safe seat in 2024 because you are challenged in Varanasi.

TMC MP Mahua Moitra also attacked PM Modi when Mamata Banerjee competed from another seat. He said, “Yes sir, she will fight. And that seat will be Varanasi!
So get your armor ready. "

Let us know that on Friday the vote took place in 30 seats of the second phase in Bengal, including the seat of the Nandigram Assembly. In Nandigram, Mamta Banerjee faces her former colleague Suvendu Adhikari. Recently, before the elections, Suvendu Adhikari left the Trinamool Congress and joined the BJP.