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Build profitable new businesses

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Ulrich von Bassewitz, Dr oec. HSG
Director of Studies

Claudia Hardmeier
Customer Center
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In order to turn business ideas into new, profitable business, investments are required. Investing in new business has its pitfalls:

  • The need for funds is usually underestimated.
  • The timeline is underestimated.
  • The flop risk is rated too low.

"Should the company really invest in innovation?" Only by building new business and new, unique customer value can the creeping deterioration in profitability be prevented. So investing in new business is a must. The crucial question, however, is: "How?"

Develop ideas for new business

  • Visionary approach: what will the world need tomorrow?
  • Technology approach: Which new market services enable new technologies?
  • Core competence approach: How do we use our strengths for new things?
  • Opportunity approach: Which opportunities do we need to use better than others?

Financial targets and guard rails

  • Expected return on equity
  • Sales potential and achievable turbo growth
  • Pay back period?
  • What resources are made available?

New customer benefits

  • The new business must provide a massively higher level of customer benefit than the existing one

Market and competition analysis

  • Invest where the market will be attractive in the long term and the competition will be inferior to us

Changes in sales & distribution

  • New business models are changing sales and distribution: new decision-makers, new decision-making processes, new "point of sales"

Elaboration of the business idea

  • The business strategy
  • The marketing strategy
  • The financial concept
  • The communication of the future
  • New sales channels
  • New market cultivation

Success in the market

  • Market success along the value chain
  • Customer lifecycle management

Profitability, profitability & controlling

  • Secure the investment in innovation through active profit management at the same time
  • Programs to secure profitability despite investing in the future
  • Use controlling instruments
  • High performers who deal with innovation, start-ups and new business models
  • Specialists and managers who want to actively promote the success of a new business
  • Executives who apply for or make decisions about funding for new business

Part 1 shows how new business ideas are developed and built.
Part 2 shows how the profitability and profitability of a business is controlled in order to secure or achieve a healthy profit situation despite high investments in new things.