Will snake venom kill rabbits

Muscle heads and lethal syringes

If someone says that to you, it doesn't have to be a dirty word, because firstly, snakes have ingenious survival tricks up their sleeves and secondly, their poison can also do good ...

Snakes have got the hang of it! With numerous tricks they manage to survive even in difficult situations. For example, they are both eating machines and hunger artists at the same time. You can eat a whole rabbit at a time. And then she doesn't need to eat anything for months.

The funny thing is that snakes also eat animals that are much thicker than they are themselves. Their skin is so elastic that even a fat rabbit can easily fit into it. However, the snakes then digest it for a very long time and have a bump on their body the whole time - exactly where the rabbit is in it.

Most snakes strangle their victim. For example, they lie in wait for them behind a stone. If the prey feels unobserved, the snake shoots out of its hiding place at lightning speed. She loops around her victim and then squeezes with her muscles.

Around every sixth species of snake is poisonous. Venomous snakes kill their prey with a fatal bite. They cut both front teeth into the prey. Because the teeth are hollow and open at the tip, the poison can be injected through. By the way, the most poisonous snake in the world is the Australian tiger otter. A single bite from her can kill a thousand mice or a few people. Beats that live with us in nature are all harmless.

Need a sip of poison?

It's hard to believe, but poison can also be healthy! “Milking poison” is what the researchers call it when they take poison from a blow. They do that in a laboratory. You grab the blows at the back of your head and hold them over a glass with foil.

The snake automatically chops its teeth into the foil and squirts off its poison. The researchers then fill the poison into vials. From this medicine is made for us humans. Because certain substances in snake venom can be useful. The scientists can filter these substances out of the snake venom.