How do they choose MK Ultra victims

The conspiracy theory

Jaqueline Meier
  • September 13, 2017, 7:56 am


Today I want to tell you about a conspiracy theory called Mk ultra. Mk ultra was a secret mind control research program of the Cia, in which thousands of human experiments were carried out in which unsuspecting test persons were drugged and irradiated by EMF waves and Haarp technology and brutally tortured. The test subjects were sent with a technique called Voice to Skull, in which the victim was sent with voices around the clock
This program ran in 1953 and supposedly ended in 1970, but it continues today under the guise of "conspiracy theory" to drive people to suicide or to create the perfect agent by offering the victim the opportunity to go from victim to perpetrator. This offense seems to be all the rage in Mülheim an der Ruhr because for 7 years I have been cruelly tortured by microwave radiation and voice to skull broadcast using illegal implants.
My friends were also drawn into there, some were turned into perpetrators and now I have finally managed to prove what is being done to me. Using evp technology, I manage to record what is sent to my head while I already got the words signal head, mind control as well as some names of the perpetrators and much more

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