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Corona rapid tests pose problems for nursing homes

Status: 11.12.2020 11:24 a.m.

Visiting parents or grandparents in the nursing home should be safer in Corona times. Care facilities in Hamburg prepare for rapid tests with a lot of effort.

Hamburg's largest private nursing home operator Pflege & Wohnen has already ordered 45,000 rapid tests. It should start in the week after next. But this not only requires rapid tests, but also enough staff. One problem with this is that semi-skilled workers are not allowed to carry out these tests. Trained nurses have to take care of this - so it is in the test regulation of the Federal Minister of Health. Of course, these should not be missing in their actual job.

Two employees for 100 residents?

Rough estimates assume that for a nursing home with 100 residents, two employees would have to take care of the rapid tests all day long. Because: There is only a short time window in which the test strip provides relatively reliable information about a possible corona infection. So that has to be adjusted exactly.

The new test procedure is intended to complement the existing procedure with the PCR tests. They also only provide a momentary recording - but at least for this moment they provide a guarantee that no one will be infected when visiting a nursing home.

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