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Yearbooks for national economics and statistics

Yearbooks for Economics and Statistics Ludwig Elster

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Table of Contents III

Treatises 1

The law of the falling rate of profit and the tendency of capital to collapse ... Karl Muhs1

The Average Value Theory Te-i-i-zi Takeda30

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics39

The position of the worker in the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic ... Karl Elster39

The Unemployment Problem and the International Labor Organization H. Fehlinger79

Home work among the population of JenaMarie Simon88

Statistical overviews of the economic situation in individual countries116

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad126

Günther, Ernst: Social PolicyW. Weddigen 126

Sulzbach, Walter: National sense of community and economic interestFriedrich Lütge127

Winter, Arno: The economic principle is a prejudiceErich Carell127

Passow, Richard: KartelleWilhelm Morgenroth 128


Lütge, Friedrich: History of the Jena book trade including the book printing ... Theodor Lockemann131

Mayo, Katherine: Mother India. Introduced by the publisher. In the appendix - Indian an ... Alfred Rühl133


Ruyters, Ferdinand: The changes of the Deutsche Reichsbahn under the influence of the ... Johannes Müller137

Kapferer, Clodwig: Export Promotion. Volume I: The market analysis, a means of ... Horst Wagenführ138

List 139

Tänzler, Fr .: The German Employers' Associations 1904-1929. A contribution to the ... Johannes Müller143


Peter, Hans: Limits of Statistics in Business Cycle Research. A contribution to ... Paul Lorenz148


Lütgens, Rudolf: General economic geography. Introduction and BasicsFritz Haefke150

The Periodical Press from Abroad 151

The Periodical Press of Germany 154

Treatise 161

On the influence of classical Italian economics on the history of dogma ... Robert Miachels161

On the subject and method of "dynamics" Erich Carell192

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics209

France's Oil PolicyFritz Roepke209

The Building Societies, their significance for housing and real estate loans in English ... Oskar Zaglits216

The deaths from tuberculosis and cancer 1900-1930 by age group, in particular ... Böhmert237

Statistical overviews of the economic situation in individual countries268


A new volume of criminal statistics Zurkuhlen279

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad283

Concise dictionary of sociology / Ed. By Alfred VierkandtJ. Gerhardt283

Däbritz, Walther: The typical movements in the business cycle. Comments on ... Horst Wagenführ283

Elster, Karl: From the flow of the economy. Considerations on economics ... Erich Carell284

Günther, Adolf: The economic relations between the German Empire ... Johannes Müller289

Glum, Friedrich: The German and the French Reich Economic Council. A be ... Friedrich Lütge289


Brentano, Lujo: A History of the Economic Development of England. III .... Josephy292

Rundstedt, Hans-Gerd v .: The regulation of the grain trade in the cities of South Wes ... E. Baasch 295

Perroux, François: Contribution à l 'Etude de l' Economie et des Finances Publi ... Fritz Neumark295


Flügler, Adolf: Tobacco industry and tobacco tax, with special consideration ... Johannes Müller302


Citizen, Hans: social security and real household. Presentation and criticism Harald Fick 304


Figures from Germany's economy. Statistical source work on the application ... Friedrich Lütge311


The Periodical Press from Abroad 313

The Periodical Press of Germany 316

Treatise 321

The Increase in the Employment Rate in GermanyHans Joachim Platzer321

Economic Legislation 369

The Economic and Social Legislation of the German Reich Johannes Müller369

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics375

Property and owner in the Roman CampagnaFriedrich Vöchting375

The Cooperative System in 1930 Willy Krebs421

Statistical overviews of the economic situation in individual countries 439

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad450

Spann, Othmar: The Crisis in EconomicsK. Sting450

Cabiati, Attilio: Scambi internazionali e politica bancaria. In regime di monet ... Louise Sommer451

Tschierschky, S .: Cartel Policy. An Analytical Investigation Wilhelm Morgenroth454


Byrne, Eugene H .: Genoese shipping in the twelfth and thirteenth centuriesE. Baasch457

Malone, C .: The new China and its social struggles Alfred Rühl457


Dobbert, Gerhard: Centralism in the financial constitution of the U.d.S.S.R. Karl Elster461


Gordon, Ilse: Adoptions as a sociological and caring problem. With be ... K. Winkelmann465

Contributions to urban housing and settlement management. I. part. Germany, k ... Friedrich Lütge466


Pitt-Rivers, G. H .: The Clash of Culture and the Contact of RacesAlfted Rühl472

The Periodical Press from Abroad 473

The Periodical Press of Germany 476


The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Views of the Decrease in PopulationPaul Mombert481

On the method and problem of the interest theory Victor Bloch504

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics524

Foundation of a new political economy524

The development of the international money and capital markets and the markets a ... 540

Postal finance in England F. Heyer582

Crime past and present H. Tokuhlen589

Statistical overviews of the economic situation in individual countries595


Three Writings on the Reparation QuestionJens Jessen605

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad611

Kuske, Bruno: Development and design of the economic area. Contributions to the ... Alfred Rühl611

Society and economy. Elementary work on image statisticsJohannes Müller611

Ernstberger, Anton: Wallenstein as an economist in the Duchy of FriedlandLouise Sommer612

Weber, Adolf: The struggle between capital and labor, trade unions and labor ... Schröder614


Hornschuch, Friedrich: Structure and history of the inter-territorial Keßlerkreis ... E. Baasch 617


Molle, Fritz: The Eichsfeld as the starting point for workers' migrations. An Bei ... Johannes Müller619


Bonsack, Friedrich: The supply of the world with jute with special consideration ... Johannes Müller621


Lenz, Lothar: The tenement barracks in Cologne; Wissing, Jürgen: Soil and Housing Conditions ... Friedrich Lütge626


The Periodical Press from Abroad 635

The Periodical Press of Germany 636


The Static Theory of Basic RentUmberto Ricci 641

A Pseudo-Exact Theory of Money Julius Neubauer656

Economic Legislation 703

Economic and Social Legislation of the German Empire 703

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics 716

Private insurance in 1930Herbert Haasen716

The significance of airmail todayRichard Hennig735

The Social Fate of the German Agricultural Migrant Worker Families Ruth Weiland 744

Statistical overviews of the economic situation in individual countries768

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad779

Industrial peace! A symposium / edited by Jerome Davis; Theodor Lüddecke Schröder 779


Svoboda, Hanno: The monastery economy of the Cistercians in East Germany Baasch 781


Hecke, W .: The question of population, a vital question of Austria's Johannes Müller 782


Berkel, Kurt: The indebtedness of the provincial Saxon agriculture. On G ... Leo Drescher783


The Periodical Press from Abroad 795

The Periodical Press of Germany 797


The Gold Standard in Credit CrisisM. R. Weyermann 801

"Waiting" and "Capital Disposition" Georg Halm831

The factors of production and their relationship to one anotherAlexander Kokkalis846

Miscarriage. Timeline. Statistics863

The Distribution of Agricultural and Forestry Real EstateMartin Rautenberg863

An English social inquiry Charlotte Leubuscher 897

Social advancement and decline in the German peopleWilhelm Morgenroth905

Statistical overviews of the economic situation of individual countries907

Overview of the latest publications in Germany and abroad918

Thurnwald, Richard: The human society in its ethno-sociological ... Alfred Rühl918

Hedemann, Justus Wilhelm: The progress of civil law in the 19th century. ... Bovensiepen 919

Mann, F. K .: The state economy of our time. An IntroductionJens Jessen923

Mises, Ludwig: The causes of the economic crisis. A lectureErich Carell 924


Fitzler, M. A. Heswig: The trading company Felix v. Oldenburg and Co. 1753-1 ... E. Baasch 928

Gattineau, Heinrich: urbanization and workers' rule. Results of a critical ... Friedrich Lütge929


Asriel, Camillo L .: The Rheinisch-Westfälische Elektrizitätswerk. A contribution to ... Johannes Müller932


Muser, Willy: The Rationalization Efforts at the Deutsche ReichspostJohannes Müller 933


Neumark, Fritz: Economy and Taxes Regul935


Feld-Abegg: The Swiss welfare system K. Winkelmann 938


Flaskämper, Paul: Statistics. Part I. General Statistics. A reference book ... A. Hesse943


The Periodical Press from Abroad 945

The Periodical Press of Germany 947