Has anyone had a friend for life


  • If I hadn't had the crises in my life, I wouldn't be who I am today.

    Daniel Wirtz, songwriter and singer
    Photo: Tom Wagner


People need people. And people in crisis situations need friends for life. Friends for Life is a non-profit organization. Our work is supported exclusively by donations. We don't have a solid carrier. Therefore we are dependent on your support. Make our work your topic and concern. Heart on. And donate online now.

Heart on - preventing suicides together


Your donation is important. Because your donation helps to make depression and the necessary offers of help visible throughout Germany. Together we can prevent suicides (suicides). We ensure that your donation is handled responsibly. You can find important numbers and information at a glance here.

In 2012 Phineo put us through its paces and determined: Friends for life works! Phineo awards the seal of approval to non-profit organizations if they work efficiently, transparently and effectively.


Every donation - no matter how small or large - helps us to finance our association activities. While we finance the everyday but very important work with small donations, large donations help us to finance specific projects.

A small donation between 10 euros and 200 euros will help us

  • operate the homepage,
  • Develop and carry out projects on a small scale,
  • to advise our network partners and to be available to them with questions about public relations,
  • To create information materials.

A medium donation of between 200 euros and 500 euros will help us

  • To produce information material such as the pocket guide “tired of life” or “full of depression”,
  • To finance educational campaigns on a small scale.

A large donation of 500 € or more will help us

  • to produce new formats for our project "Friends for Life TV",
  • Fund public awareness campaigns on a large scale.


To send us your donation, you can either use our direct bank account, PayPal or the donation form. Many Thanks!

Friends for Life e.V.
Triodos Bank
IBAN DE90 5003 1000 1083 6910 06

PayPal: [email protected]

For donations of 300 euros or more, we will issue tax-approved donation receipts at the beginning of the following year. When making the transfer, please enter your address in the subject line of the transfer form so that we can send you the donation confirmation.

For a donation of up to 300 euros, a so-called simplified proof, e.g. the booking confirmation of the transfer, is sufficient for the tax return.

Many thanks for your support!