What do you think of red pilling

What drives people who hate women online? uniFM dedicates itself to the theme days #ToxicTechCultures: What is an incel, what is the so-called red pill movement and what was the background to the attack on Isla Vista?

An online cult of right-wing misogynists

Right thought is never directed exclusively against people of other faiths or skin color. It actually always goes hand in hand with a sexist and misogynistic ideology. This connection is now growing wildly online. In an interview with the author Veronika Kracher, Gregor from uniCROSS gets to the bottom of the phenomenon of "Incels".

Welcome to the red pill

At the beginning of the previous interview, Veronika Kracher mentioned the so-called “black pill ideology”. This is an even more radical and nihilistic variant of the already misogynistic “red pill ideology”. In the misogynous world of right-wing online cultures, the well-known scene from the film "Matrix" became an eponymous metaphor. Similar to the main protagonist Neo, in the logic of the so-called “Red Pill Movement” the men of this earth are also faced with a choice: Either they choose the “blue pill” and continue to be manipulated subconsciously by women and feminism, or but they opt for the metaphorical red pill and become part of the sublime “red pill movement”. Hannah from uniCROSS was in the relevant forums and reports on her discoveries.

The Isla Vista rampage

Usually, when reporting on terrorist attacks, attempts are made not to use the perpetrator's name or to use it as rarely as possible. The purpose of this is, on the one hand, to ensure that the perpetrators are not given a stage and, on the other hand, to avoid being made heroes in certain circles. This was also attempted in the coverage of the Isla Vista rampage, nonetheless the name Elliot Rodger in connection with terms such as incel or right-wing online cultures has burned into the collective memory. Felix Kainzbauer has therefore dealt with the background of the crime and the perpetrator profile.


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Teaser photo: Felix Kainzbauer; Post photos: uniFM; Portrait photo: Veronika KracherPublished on March 27, 2020