What do people think of introverts

Introverts: 7 Traits That Make Them Special

Be wild, cheeky and wonderful - at least that is the ideal of our society. The eloquent, the extrovert, the freaky - they can be admired in almost every "don't be maybe" advertisement. The quiet, withdrawn, quickly drown in the crowd of loud people. Introverts actually have pretty great traits.

Introversion vs. Extraversion

The designation as introverted goes to the founder of analytical psychotherapy C.G. Young back. There are not only 100 percent introverts or extroverts, but with Jung it is more about a scale with different levels. And when we mostly talk about introversion and extroversion, the correct terms are introversion and extraversion.

By the way, whether we are introverted or extroverted is clear from birth. Of course, upbringing and dealing can still change us minimally in one direction or the other, but ultimately it's not just about how we present ourselves to the outside world, but what we feel comfortable with. And that's not so easy to change.

The most important thing here is how to deal with external stimuli and how they are processed in the brain. Studies show that introverted people have higher brain activity. It can therefore be assumed that the isolation from the outside world or the conscious withdrawal should protect introverts from overstimulation.

Introverts are often underestimated

It is not uncommon for introverts to adopt the characteristics of extroverts in order to adapt. Even in larger groups, they not only try to remain silent, sometimes to have a say, to attract attention or to be confident and open in job interviews. Nevertheless, it is contrary to their nature and they go out of their comfort zone with it.

Unfortunately, the following applies in our society: Be self-confident, open and extroverted. And so many also think that they have to lure introverted people out of their reserves in order to do them something good. The opposite is true.

And by the way: God knows you shouldn't underestimate the "quiet" types. Because their kind also has many (hidden) delays. And even heads of state like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel are considered introverts.

-> If you want to find out more about personality types: The Myers Briggs test divides us into a total of 16 temperament types. Now read more here: Myers Briggs Test: What Personality Type Are You?

How to tell if you are an introvert:

Do you recognize yourself in the description? Do you also belong to the rather quiet people? Do you prefer meeting for two in large crowds? Do you prefer to listen than have a say? Then it could be that you too belong to the introverted contemporaries. If so, then the following things will seem more than familiar to you.

1. Introverts are loyal and honest

If you have an introvert in your circle of friends, you can be sure to have a reliable and honest companion by your side. They do take a while to get warm with someone. However, once they are thawed, they are absolutely great friends.

2. You don't make too much ado about anything

Introverts don't talk very much and tend to hold back. If they dare, they have something to say. In doing so, they usually get to the point impressively quickly. And when you have nothing to say, just shut up. Not everyone can do that.

3. You are silent

Speaking of silence: secrets are in perfect hands with them. They gossip next to nothing.

4. You think first and then act

You will hardly ever experience emotional, completely rash actions with them.

5. Introverts have a very different view of things

... and accordingly often very unconventional solutions to problems with which they surprise their environment.

6. You work very conscientiously and independently

Introverts are not necessarily team players. But there is a firm bank in the background. You can concentrate on a problem for hours and work very conscientiously.

7. You are good watchers

Simply because they are often on the sidelines and observe things instead of always being in the middle and having the word.

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