Why do you admire your parents

35 things to thank your parents for at your wedding

The first part of our life can be found in the hearts of those
who loved us.
- Anonymous

Our parents have cared for us since we were born. For years they have sacrificed their time, attention and patience for us, trying to make us smile every day of our childhood and adolescence. In the meantime we have grown up and by stepping in front of the altar we found ours own small family and may soon take on the role of parents themselves. With a look into the past, you may also realize what your parents have done for you since you were born. Have you ever thanked them openly and with love? The wedding as the start of a new chapter in life is the ideal opportunity for this. 35 Reasons You Should Be Grateful And How To Build It Into A Speech:

The wedding as the start of a new chapter in life is the ideal opportunity to say THANK YOU to the parents. You don't know how to put this into words or even into a speech? Read here 35 reasons to be grateful for and how to incorporate them into a speech:

1. Thank you for giving me life.

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2. Thank you for teaching me everything and showing me how to enjoy the little things in life.

3. Thank you for taking away my fear of life and giving me courage in difficult situations.

4. ... and for always taking care of me.

5. Thank you for all the special birthdays and family celebrations that have shown me how important family is.

6. Thank you for every hug.

7. ... and for every kiss goodnight.

8. I am grateful for every gray day that you made shine for me!

9. Thank you for bringing me back to beautiful reality after bad nightmares.

10. Thank you for supporting me in everything from first grade until today.

11. Thank you for never missing anything in my life and for always feeling safe.

12. Thanks for all of the help and advice with wedding planning!

13. Thank you for having endless trust in me!

14. I am proud that you are my parents, for that I am infinitely grateful to you!

15. Thank you for showing me your love since I was born - every day!

16. Thank you for always being there when I fell - the first step and also the first accident with my bike.

17. Thank you for showing me how to love your daughter.

18. Thank you mom for showing me that love is the strongest power in the world.

19. Thank you dad for making me strong and teaching me that there is a solution to every problem.

20. I learned to appreciate the really important things in life because you taught me. I am infinitely grateful to you for this!

21. Thank you for never leaving me alone!

22. Thank you for always accepting me for who I am.

23. ... and for appreciating me.

24. Thank you for (almost) teaching me how to fly!

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25. Thank you for the most beautiful childhood memories a person can have!

26. Thank you for raising me to be a realistic person who is down to earth and will stay that way forever.

27. Thank you for a photo album full of memories that enables me to take a trip into the past even in old age!

28. Thank you for calls, letters and messages and your interest in my life.

29. Thank you for the concern you have when I am sick.

30. Thank you for showing me that you can learn from mistakes and do better next time!

31. Thank you for motivating me when I wanted to give up studying or working.

32. Thank you for all of the conversations - in the morning, at lunch and late at night.

33. Thank you for growing as a person with your help!

34. Thank you for making me who I am today!

35. Thank you for being the best parents a daughter can have!

This list could go on forever! There are tons more reasons why you should thank your parents every day, just start today and never stop! Show you how grateful you are for everythingwhat they have done for you over the past few years. You can find inspiration on how to start your speech on Danksagungen.net:

Dear mom, dear dad! Thank you for accompanying me all my life and for standing by me, in good times and bad. That you listened to me and put up with me when I was exhausting. It's been way too long overdue and I should tell you every day: THANK YOU!

Dear father, dear mother,without you I could not and could not cope with this life. I know it's not always easy as a parent to be patient and understanding at all times. But you did a great job! I want to thank you guys for always believing in me. It is not possible to express my thanks in so few words, but when I tell you that I love you, that's the only thing that really matters.

Mom, dad, Thanks. Thank you for all the time in your life that you have invested in me. Thank you for the love and patience with which you have raised me and the support you give me at all times. Without you I wouldn't be who I am today. I hope you know that. I say it far too seldom, so I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you've done for me.

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It's so easy THANKS to say - just start writing! A speech at your wedding is an extraordinary gesture that will touch your parents.