Who has better sex men or women

Sex: six questions and answers about attractiveness

What characteristics men find attractive in women and why talented dancers are particularly seductive. Questions and answers about choosing a partner

How do two people get closer?

Most of the time, it is already decided at first sight whether someone finds another person sexually attractive. If both share their assessment and start a conversation, the exchange becomes more and more intense. The moment when the flirtatious first kisses each other often determines the progress: If both partners find the kiss pleasant, it is likely that they will soon have sex too.

Which characteristics are attractive to men?

Men favor women with symmetrical faces, high foreheads, pronounced cheekbones, small noses and full lips. In addition, firm skin, shiny hair and large breasts indicate health and a beneficial genetic heritage. Women also appear attractive when the ratio of waist to hip circumference is around 70 percent. The curves probably serve as a sign of fertility.

What do women find attractive about men?

In their fertile phase of the cycle, women are more attracted to dominant men with broad shoulders, deep voices and angular chins. On sterile days, however, they prefer less masculine, loving partners. Studies show that women are much more likely to have sexual contact outside of a long-term relationship when they are at the highest level of conception.

Can you tell if someone just wants sex?

Researchers have found that we can tell straight away whether someone is aiming for a committed relationship or a purely sexual adventure. Studies suggest that this judgment is based primarily on intuition and less on general criteria such as certain looks. It is noticeable that women often perceive men who appear to them to be open to short affairs as particularly masculine. Men often rate those women who they rate as active as particularly attractive.

What does it mean to be able to smell someone good?

Women are able to determine from the body odor of a man whether his individual genetic profile fits well with his own genetic make-up. In addition, during their fertile days they themselves exude an aroma that is attractive to men. Experts therefore advise applying as little perfume as possible when getting to know each other so that the flirtatious can judge each other's smell.

Do talented dancers seem particularly seductive?

In fact, women are impressed when a man knows how to move to the beat of the music. According to one study, a good dancer is one who is able to use the head and upper body intensively and in a variety of ways and who can make quick movements, especially in the right knee. Researchers suspect that women associate such qualities with qualities such as health, energetic demeanor, and dexterity.

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