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Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive


Kuroshitsuji: 12 later 13
Kuroshitsuji II: 13


Head of the Phantomhives
Queen's watchdog


Human In the later course demon / devil

Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シ エ ル ・ フ ァ ン ト ム ハ イ ヴ Shieru Fantomuhaivu) appears for the first time in the first season of Kuroshitsuji in episode 1 "His butler is talented. In the manga he appears for the first time in volume 1 - Chapter 1: This butler is capable.

Heir to the industrial Phantomhive family, Ciel led a carefree life that ended abruptly the night before his tenth birthday. His parents were murdered, the villa was burned down and he was kidnapped by a mysterious sect until he managed to make a pact with the demon Sebastian Michaelis. He wanted to serve him in exchange for Ciel's soul until all those responsible for the death of his parents and what they did to him have paid with their lives. Since this redeeming liberation, Ciel has successfully continued the family business. So he had to learn very early on to make important decisions. On the side, as the "Queen's watchdog", he often does jobs for the Queen.

!! Ciel is not his real name, this name is the name of his older twin burger (only in the manga) !!


Ciel is very proud and has a cold attitude towards life.

Ciel has changed a lot through his past. When his parents were still alive, he was a very carefree child and laughed a lot. Ciel had the same views as any child. But after his parents died, he became a bitter tactician who stifled small smiles and clung to the hatred that had built up inside him. From this he draws the strength to look for the perpetrators. Ciel regards the people around him as mere pawns who, in his eyes, have only one value as long as they obey his will.

He is very loyal to the Queen and wants to avenge every murder that happens in London. He also takes it very seriously when someone speaks ill of them or does not obey the law.

In the manga he smiles more often and is also more relaxed than in the anime. He mostly tries to give his butler big challenges and mostly even hopes he'll screw it up. However, Ciel and Sebastian stick together anyway. He is often puzzled by Sebastian's behavior and annoyed when he jokes in serious situations. Despite everything, he likes Sebastian very much, which he doesn't want to show him.


Ciel has dark hair and a light blue eye. He looks very feminine. The right eye is usually covered with a black eye patch, as the sign of the pact with Sebastian can be seen there. He wears a blue stud on each ear. He looks like his father, Vincent Phantomhive, and it is even mentioned that he is supposed to have the same nose as him.

Ciel wears rather elegant clothes that seem priceless. They are mostly conspicuous in shape, but subtle in color; mostly black, gray, blue, brown or green. It is mostly extravagant and different, with a lot of trimmings: ruffles, fringes and accessories e.g. a gold ring on Ciel's right middle finger, the family heirloom of the Phantomhives that he often shows. He also usually wears shoes with slightly higher heels in order to appear taller and therefore more adult, as he is quite small for his age.


Ciel was a happy child who laughed often. He grew up in well-groomed company. He also often played with his family and with Elizabeth. So it was thought, but this Ciel is not the real Earl Ciel Phantomhive, just the twin brother of the real Ciel Phantomhive. This Ciel had asthma like his mother Rachel Phantomhive and therefore couldn't go out like his older twin brother.

On his tenth birthday, a fire broke out in the Phantomhive mansion. Ciel ran through the property and saw his parents and dog die. When he called for help, he met Tanaka, who made him flee. However, before he could escape, Ciel was attacked from behind and kidnapped.

Ciel was put up for sale. His kidnapper said he was "seldom "and worth more than two people. When someone bought the twins, they were branded. They were given the mark of one Noble Beast. When he cried, he said that he was hurt and dirty and that he wanted to go home. However, he and his brother were chained and locked in a cage. Masked adults looked at them and announced what a "glorious evening" they were going to have. Ciel wondered why there was no one to help him. His older brother took his hand and said that he would protect him at all costs. One of the masked adults then put the real Ciel Phantomhive on a table for his victim and stabbed him. The other adults watched happily and clapped.

In the manga, Sebastian was called by chance, he appeared in his true form of the demon. In the anime, however, Sebastian was called by Ciel because he knew about the existence of demons. However, he appeared there in the form of a crow or a raven, which was accompanied by feathers. Sebastian told Ciel that if someone had given up their belief, it would be impossible for them to get through the gates of heaven. However, Ciel replied that if he believed in God, he would not have called him. Sebastian asked Ciel again if it would be his wish to sign the contract. He replied that he wanted this and that Sebastian should grant his wish of revenge. Sebastian asked him where he would like his seal to be, but it should be more visible, because that would make the contract stronger. Ciel tells him that it would be okay anywhere and that he wants power and wants to be stronger than anyone else. Sebastian called him greedy and decided to put the seal on the right eye. Ciel screamed and ordered Sebastian to kill his attackers, to protect him, to obey his orders, never to betray him and never to lie.



When Madame Red, Lau and Lan Mao come to visit Ciel, Ciel goes to his room to have some rest. But once there, he is kidnapped by Azuro Venere. Azuro ties Ciel up in his headquarters and tries to negotiate with him. However, Ciel does not respond and provokes him, so that Azuro is violent. When he suddenly receives a call, Sebastian is on the phone. Through a bark that Ciel uttered, he now knows where Ciel is.

Azuro Venere has all his people set up in front of the house so that no one can get through. But then Sebastian suddenly stands in front of him. Sebastian saved Ciel by twisting Azuro's arm out of nowhere and carrying Ciel back to the Phantomhive estate.

Elizabeth destroys Ciel's ring

Elizabeth throws a dance party at Ciel. When the time comes, there is an argument between Ciel and Elizabeth because Ciel is not wearing the ring that Elizabeth has chosen for him. She takes his ring away from him and Ciel gets angry and demands it back. Elizabeth is horrified at how annoyed Ciel suddenly is, starts crying and breaks the ring. Elizabeth didn't know how important this was to Ciel. Ciel himself throws the broken pieces of the ring out of a window and says that the ring is not important, he would be the head of the Phantomhives even without it. Ciel and Elizabeth make up again. In the evening Sebastian talks to Ciel, who is already in bed, about the ring. Ciel is shocked when suddenly Sebastian puts the repaired ring back on Ciel's thumb.

Finding Jack the Ripper

Ciel tries to catch Jack the Ripper. Ciel and his companions receive important information about the deceased from Undertaker. The trail leads to Aleister Chamber first. Angelina, Lau and Sebastian come to Aleisters celebration. Ciel disguised herself as a noble lady, as mostly women disappeared. When Ciel stands in front of Aleister, he follows him into a room. Once there, Ciel falls to the ground when he smells a strange smell. When he wakes up again, he is tied up in a cage. There he hears Aleister introducing him as the main attraction. However, Ciel calls Sebastian who takes him out of there. Ciel believes the killer has been caught, but the next day there is a new murder by Jack the Ripper in the papers.

In the evening, Ciel and Sebastian wait for the murderer in front of the alleged victim's house. When they hear a scream from the building, they run there. Once there, they see a corpse lying in the building. Grell comes out of the room and says he's innocent. However, when Sebastian reveals his true identity, Angelina also comes out of the room. Ciel already knew she might have something to do with it, as all victims had special treatment at the hospital where she works. Ciel knew exactly where she would strike the next time, as Mary Kelly was the only person who was still alive after this treatment. When Grell wants to attack Ciel, Sebastian gets in his way to protect his young man. Ciel orders Sebastian to move them out of the way.

Madame Red then attacks him with a knife. But when she wants to strike, she sees her sister's face in Ciel's eyes. Sebastian wants to attack her because she is distracted, but Ciel yells that he should stop. When Madame Red then says that she couldn't kill Ciel, Grell kills her. Ciel is startled and closes her eyes. However, it's not over yet, as Grell is still alive. Ciel orders Sebastian to kill him and the fight continued. Sebastian wins the fight, but he does not kill Grell because William T. Spears stops him and Grell takes away because he had broken various rules.

The Shard of Hope

Ciel visits the Christmas market and learns from Fred that a body has been found. His name is Tim and is believed to have belonged to a gang of criminals who stole the Shard of Hope. When Ciel learns more about this case from Undertaker, they find the ring attached to the prize of the competition. Ciel challenges Sebastian to win the competition. As he is about to be honored as the winner, a fight breaks out and the ice breaks among them. The ring falls into the water with the price.

When Elizabeth disappears, Ciel goes looking for her. On the way he meets Grell, but they don't fight each other, instead he protects Ciel because he makes a promise to him. When he arrives at a store thanks to Pluto, he saw a doll that looks like Elizabeth. The trail led to a large estate. As they go inside, Ciel is attacked by a doll. Grell saves him. However, when Drocell arrives, they get dolls made of stronger material. Ciel leaves Grell and Pluto alone and runs on. When he arrives in a room, Sebastian is standing at the window. When the dolls also enter this room, Sebastian saves him and jumps out of the window with Ciel.

When they hear the howling of Pluto, they go to the Sealed Tower. Once at the top, Ciel sees Elizabeth, who is directed by a puppeteer and attacks Ciel. Sebastian and Grell hold Elizabeth. When they discover Drocell, Sebastian defeats him. In the opposite room they see a person sitting on a chair. When Ciel walks up to him, they are only dolls.

The Indians are coming - Curry Festival

Mysterious murders occur in London and Ciel sets out to find the killer. When he gets a lead, he goes to the East End of London. There he gets into an argument with an Indian bandit group. Sebastian saves Ciel. But when Soma and Agni appear, they are on the side of the bandits, since they come from their homeland. When they realize that the bandits have started, they switch sides and defeat the bandits. When Ciel arrives at his house in London, Lau suddenly stands in front of them with Agni and Soma. There Ciel learns that Soma is looking for a woman named Meena. Ciel and Sebastian help them with this. But then Agni takes the side of the supposed kidnapper Harold West. Ciel registers Sebastian for the curry festival because most of the victims come from good curry shops and because Agni also took part in this. When the time came, they found Meena and learned that she was volunteering with Harold because he had money and was tired of playing the babysitter for Soma.

When the competition starts, the Queen appears. According to the jury, Sebastian and Agni are in the same place. The decision rests with the Queen, who chooses Sebastian, as his curry bread was easy to eat for the rich and the poor alike. Agni and Soma take Ciel into their hearts and name them as their friends.

The Fight against the Queen and Ash - Anime

Ciel sets off for Paris with Sebastian. There they stand in front of the Eiffel Tower, where several stalls have opened. Ciel meets the Queen at the Eiffel Tower. When Ciel sees her face, he is shocked because she looks like a child. Through a conversation with the queen, Ciel now knows who the murderers of his parents are. When Ash arrives, the Queen also wants to get rid of Ciel and orders Ash to kill Ciel. But then Sebastian appears and there is a fight between Sebastian and Ash. However, Ciel breaks off the fight, whereupon Sebastian gets angry because Ciel could now have his revenge. When Sebastian disappears, Ciel has to return to London alone.

As he is on his way home by ship, he sees all of London burning from afar. Ciel runs through town until Maylene finds him and leads him to the rest of the servants. There he also sees Pluto, who no longer seems to be himself. Ciel orders the servants to kill Pluto. When he runs to the Queen's property, no security guard responds to him. Ciel can enter the property without any problems. When he arrives at Queen Victoria's room, he sees her lying dead in bed. Ciel runs out of the room. Suddenly a security guard runs after him. Since the guard believes that Ciel killed the Queen, he calls more guards to him. Ciel is surrounded by the guards and shot. When they want to shoot again, Sebastian shows up and kills everyone.

Ciel and Sebastian take a boat to Tower Bridge. Once there, they meet Ash. There is a fight between Ash and Sebastian. At first it looks bad for Sebastian. When Sebastian is surrounded by black souls and loses an arm, Sebastian reveals his true identity as a demon. Ciel should close his eyes so he doesn't have to see Sebastian like that. When Ciel almost falls from Tower Bridge, Sebastian says that Ciel still has to hold on to something. When Sebastian won the fight, Ciel drops. Sebastian however jumps behind to fulfill the pact. When Ciel wakes up again he is in a boat. Sebastian explains to him that they are going to the last place on their journey. Once there, Sebastian gets his soul, as promised. That ends the first season.


  • Ciel has an older twin boy who was sacrificed during the evocation of the devil and died.
  • Ciel is not his real name, this is the name of his late brother Earl Ciel Phantomhive.
  • According to the fans, his real name is supposed to be Astre, rumor has it that the manga girl Yana Toboso once mentioned it.
  • Ciel has an allergy to cat hair.
  • He's got asthma.
  • Ciel called himself "Finnian" in Noah's Ark Cirkus.
  • Joker named Ciel "Smile" in Noahs Ark Circus.
  • Ciel becomes a demon in the second season of Kuroshitsuji, but since the second season has nothing to do with the manga, it is unimportant.
  • Special preferences: sweets, chess.
  • He loves chocolate cake and his twin brother strawberry cake.
  • Nicknames: The nefarious nobleman, watchdog of the queen, smile, robin.
  • The name Ciel comes from French and means "heaven".
  • When he was kidnapped, he was burned on the back with a hot iron.
  • He was kidnapped and molested by the people who likely killed his parents.
  • According to the OVA Ciel in Wonderland, there is a suspicion that Ciel cannot swim. Sebastian also made a comment in this direction. He himself claims that he only has problems with breathing. In addition, Ciel has a special talent for being kidnapped, ambushed and drowning.