Can I hack a fraudster

Is your WhatsApp account at risk? Hackers use code authentication within the app for the latest scam.

  • New WhatsApp scam
  • Scammers ask for a code that comes in via SMS
  • You risk that your WhatsApp account will be transferred to the other smartphone

Recently drifted "Tobias Mathis" WhatsApp users into despair. Now users are reporting a code scam. Accordingly, certain contacts would become one Verification code desire. This is a new fraud method Whatsapp. Who answers the request and the Contacts the Verification code communicates, can be WhatsappProfile to the Scammers to lose.

WhatsApp: ignore the request via code if possible

Therefore one should ignore the message if at all possible. It is best to inform those affected about the impending danger. How do you recognize the mesh? Often times, the scammers initiate the message like this: “Hey! Can you help for a moment? You will get an SMS in a moment. Can you send me the code in the message? "

WhatsApp: After requesting a code, there is a risk of losing the account

When those affected ask what the sender is sending the code then the fraudsters explain, for example: "We need this for a competition in which you participated". Very dubious. It is noticeable that something is wrong. Lose yours account, the crooks can possibly use it for their own purposes, i.e. their scam.

WhatsApp: what to do if you've lost your account

Do you have this code already forwarded, then you are in control of your WhatsApp account probably already lost. In such cases, consider your contacts warn your account was hacked and the message was not from you. Via the menu item "WhatsApp: Stolen Accounts" you can access Whatsapp Have your account restored and get it back.

WhatsApp: This is behind the request via code

The code is actually there for that WhatsApp profile restore. In addition, users can use the code the account of a Smartphone transferred to another. Pass the code on to the scammers to authenticate your account on the mobile the fraudster is transferred. The hack is reminiscent of a common scam in Online bankingwhere crooks want to get TAN numbers and data for online banking from unsuspecting victims. Warning: the messenger has become less secure. At Whatsapp vulnerabilities have increased, too Facebook spoke up.

Of Moritz Serif

In addition to the code scam, there is other excitement about WhatsApp. TobiasMathis causes a stir on WhatsApp.

There is also an outrageous suspicion. Was Amazon boss Jeff Bezos hacked by the Saudi Crown Prince via WhatsApp?

The process has consequences. After the WhatsApp hack by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, UN officials are said to no longer use Messenger.

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