How can I bowl faster in cricket?

Problems with bowling

For most players (especially non-professional ones), this happens when they have not played cricket for some time. That's why professional players continue to practice on rest days. The main reason is lack of confidence in throwing and loss of grip on the ball. They either think they are going to throw a full throw or very short deliveries. Therefore, they throw either very short or full litters. To regain your confidence, here are a few things you can try:

  • Start practicing by throwing the ball at a good length area on the wicket without running up or moving your hand (i.e. normal throws only). Don't worry about the speed.
  • If you think you will be able to throw in an area of ​​good length, try grabbing the ball the same way you did bowling and keep throwing. Increase the speed to your real speed.
  • Now try to roll the ball without making a run-up and maintain the speed. This is very important. If you can roll in an area of ​​good length, you can roll in the same area while bowing as you run up.
  • Now try to roll at startup. If you are unable to roll a good length, you can start with a small run-up and then improve it to your actual run-up.
  • You will likely be able to roll on the ball for a good length with the right grip.

Note: I am not a professional trainer. I can't play normal cricket either. And that's what I do when I lose my line, length, and grip and most of the time it works.