What are the basics of scholarship writing

University of Art in Berlin

Uta Bierbaum, Katja Brunner, Michel Decar, Thomas Köck, Konstantin Küspert, Jakob Nolte, Bonn Park, Fanny Sorgo and Stefan Wipplinger are some of the names of the graduates of the scenic writing course at the UdK Berlin in recent years. Now we are looking for new talents who want to write for the theater. The application phase begins at the end of September for interested prospective authors who want to develop their first plays as part of this course and who want to acquire the knowledge and experience of theater work. Under the direction of John von Düffel and Paul Brodowsky, the scenic writing course offers constructive and continuous workshop work on your own texts. This core area is supplemented by seminars on drama technique, analytical dramaturgy, theater history and performance analysis. Another focus of the training is methods of research and documentary theater. The main course also teaches the basics of writing for film and radio plays. In addition, there are numerous workshops on acting and directing, as well as project-oriented work, cooperation with other courses, universities and professional theaters. The overall focus is on developing classic dramatic skills.


+ Selma Matter and Lisa Wentz present their pieces as part of the Retzhofer Dramapreis at the Dramatiker Festival Graz.

+ From April 12th, Glanz oder Harnisch - Scenic Reading Series invites you to audio walks in the podcast series
"IN FRONT OF THE DOOR" with the 16th year for scenic writing and drama students. The audios appear here every day: https://open.spotify.com/show/5nizjhYhhcOTFsWCbFDceu?si=7HiO5cfvT2i0H2oeinDkhg

+ Also from April 12th, the podcast series "SAG ME THE TRUTH -
When conspiracy theories tell the better stories ", which in the last semester in the
A radio play seminar with Mareike Maage emerged.
The episodes will be broadcast in the coming weeks on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in Rbb Kultur and
can also be heard online here:
Authors: Sarah Dulgeris, Jona Spreter, Ivana Sokola, Lena Reißner, Elisabeth Pape and Mareike Maage
Guests: Daniela Dröscher (author), Sarah Kilter (playwright), Kristine Listau (publisher),
Janine Ortiz (dramaturge at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf), Lars Werner (author and initiator of
Berlin Ringtheater)

+ On April 25th, the cooperation “YOU SHOULD NOT TALK A WRONG TESTIMONY
YOUR NEXT - Scenes on Truth, Lies and Fiction ”between the 15th year of the scenic
Writing and the Koblenz Theater as a 5-part online series on stream.theater-koblenz.de.
In the direction of Markus Dietze, the total of 9 scenes will be implemented on film and in the period from
Go online every Sunday from April 25 to May 23.

+ Fabienne Dür, Svenja Viola Bungarten and Patty Kim Hamilton are for the Heidelberg plays competition
Stückemarkt nominated.

+ Lena Reißner is awarded the Leonhard Frank Scholarship 2021.

+ Ivana Sokola wins the Kleist sponsorship award for kill baby! The play will be at the National Theater Mannheim at the end of September

+ Sarah Kilter is invited to the Autorentheatertage 2021 at the Deutsches Theater with White Passing.
Patty Kim Hamilton receives a special mention of the Autorentheatertage 2021 at the Deutsches Theater für Peeling