Why should you be a bad person

When I think that I'm not a good person

Last update: December 24, 2016

Have you ever felt like a bad person? Sometimes we make mistakes that make us feel bad. Feelings of guilt overwhelm us and we see ourselves in a negative light. However, not all of your mistakes necessarily mean that you are a bad person.

Believe me, if you are wondering whether or not you are a bad person, very likely you are not. Bad people don't even think about whether they are bad or not. They simply act on their behalf and do evil for no reason.

"Do not forget whether it is good or bad, that too will pass."

Jorge Bucay

If you feel like a bad person, have you ever considered that others may have intended just that?

Today you will learn why you sometimes think you are behaving negatively, but in reality you don't. Influencing factors are plentiful, but the most important of all is how you view yourself.

The line between good and bad

From childhood we were taught to be good, to be good. But what does it really mean to be a good person? To behave decently, to help others, never to say no?

Some of what has been conveyed to us undermines our existence. Expected behaviors may expose us and we become vulnerable and / or targets to be shot at with arrows.

As we grow up and take responsibility, we occasionally feel guilty. Someone we say no to gets angry; telling the truth sometimes creates more problems than a lie; we take care of our appearance so that no one judges us ...

Enough! It is one thing to be a good person and another, completely different, to be frivolous and make puppets of ourselves. You shouldn't let others take advantage of you at will. You can't let them make you feel bad.

Why is this person angry when I can't spend time with them? Why am I being treated badly and looked at in a funny way if I was honest? People ask for sincerity when they really want to hear lies. Isn't that hypocrisy?

"Hypocrisy is the greatest of all evils."


One day you will learn to recognize when to put someone in their place. You don't always have to turn the other cheek - and that definitely doesn't make you a bad person.

Being selfish can be a better option every now and then. You have no reason to be at the mercy of others because others are not at your mercy either. Feel free to say no, free not to feel bad about others.

Say no to emotional blackmail

Perhaps one way you were made to feel extremely guilty is emotional blackmail. This happens not only with couples, but also in other types of relationships.

Blackmail is characterized by making someone feel guilty for not doing what “the perpetrator” wants them to do. This is the most common form and the one that many people can identify with.

Emotional blackmail can make you believe that you are a bad person. If you do not offer yourself completely, if you are not always there when you say: "I can not stay", you are a bad person.

Getting out of this is extremely difficult because our low self-esteem makes us believe that we are bad peoplewho always hurt others when in truth it is we who are hurt.

Have you ever thought about how bad you feel about someone else? For example, it gives you grief to speak your mind because you fear that the other person may misunderstand you. Sometimes, however, it just slips out and a discomfort is sparked from which you cannot escape.

Basically is not what is said is negative, but rather the reaction of the other personThat hits tight and makes you feel so bad And finally, this person makes himself a victim.

"There is no worse vice than feeling guilty for something you haven't done."

Evil and goodness are relative

When you see yourself as a bad person, think about what others made you believe you did terrible things and if it was actually terrible. Evil is something you do for no reason.

Imagine mistreating someone who is a malicious person himself. And now that you protect your brother from someone. Regardless of whether you act with hurtful words or with physical strength, are you each a bad person? Evil and goodness are relative. It all depends on how you look at it. So being a good person is not something that disappears when we make mistakes.