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National Museum in Krakow

Józef Mehoffer House

The museum is located in the house on Krupnicza Street, which Józef Mehoffer, one of the most important artists of Young Poland and a student of Jan Matejko, bought in 1932 and furnished it with stylish furniture, works of art and handicrafts. Józef Mehoffer was the creator of groundbreaking wall paintings, an important European designer of stained glass windows, creator, among other things, of the monumental windows in the cathedral of Friborg. His paintings can be found in all major galleries in Poland, as well as in Vienna, Lviv and other European cities. In 1986 his house on Krupnicza Street was handed over to the will of his family according to the National Museum in Krakow, where it was opened to the public in 1996.

The interior of the house, furnished according to the artist's original plans with furniture and utensils from the Art Nouveau, simultaneously forms a biographical museum and an interior museum. In the reconstructed interior there are paintings by the artist to be admired, stained glass windows, decorative designs, studies and family souvenirs. The most valuable objects include the stained glass windows Vita somnium breve, Caritas and Faith, Hope, Love, portraits of his wife, the so-called Florentine and Viennese portraits, landscapes such as The Vistula near Niepołomice, Red Screen and Roman Epic, a collection of Japanese Woodcuts from the 18th and 19th centuries and an Indian censer in the shape of an ibis. Some of the exhibits are gifts and loans from the Mehoffer family.
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The project is co-financed with funds from the European Union within the framework of the Malopolska Regional Operation Plan for the years 2007-2013