What do accountants 2


The bookkeeping profession these days is so much more than just digging up numbers. Mountains of files and slide rules have long been a thing of the past. Digitization and automation require new and additional qualifications. And employees in bookkeeping and accounting are more in demand than ever. The BFI offers a wide range of services, regardless of your current level of knowledge.



For those who are not quite that familiar with accounting, we recommend the basic courses:

  • Accounting for beginners - BH I and
  • Bookkeeping for advanced students - BH II

The combined course Bookkeeping Compact contains the contents of both modules (BH I and BH II).


Basic training

If numbers count for you, then this is the basic training for

  • Accounting assistant including BMD NTCS

maybe just right for you. You will also learn how to work with the market-leading BMD accounting software, which works on the basis of the NTCS database version. Of course, there is a BFI certificate for this.



You will become an indispensable professional with the training to become a

  • Accountant or
  • Accountant

During the training to become an accountant, you will gain extensive knowledge

  • in the income and expenditure account
  • in double-entry bookkeeping
  • in the annual financial statements
  • in cost accounting
  • in tax law

As an accountant, you will deepen your know-how in the specialist areas

  • Accounting
  • accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Professional law
  • Tax law
  • Corporate and civil law
  • Payment and capital transactions