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Conversation: This is how you get more interesting

Who do you enjoy spending time with? Who do you remember? It is not the boring contemporaries who only talk about themselves, but the interesting, colorful ones Personalitieswho really contribute to the conversation and with whom one likes to talk. At trade fairs, congresses and other events in particular, it is important to get into conversation with others. Here one positive and lasting impression to leave behind requires Communication talent. However, it is also worthwhile, because good discussions can form the basis for sustainable, long-term Relationships and contacts create. But how do you become an interesting conversation partner?

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What makes a good conversation

The basic requirement for a successful conversation is genuine interest in your counterpart. Only if you are your interlocutor meet with genuine interest and respect, he or she will feel comfortable in the conversation and fully engage with it. A conversation connects two people. You get the impression that you are on the same wavelength and you feel understood.

Not always a must in-depth conversation come out of it. Small talk can also be very stimulating. If you can have a nice chat without imposing yourself and your skills on the other, you will positively remembered stay.

3 good conversations

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    If your counterpart has a sense of humor, you will at least reap a smile. Even so, with this latently provocative question, you can easily get into a conversation about goals, plans and dreams - and those that are already on the way to becoming reality. And where the heart hangs, people's tongues go over it. In this way you will learn a lot about the person and their passions.

  2. Would you have known 3 years ago that you would be here today?

    Of course not. But that's not the point either. The question is easy for you to find out what your counterpart did three years ago. In short: it's about his life story - and the search for common ground. Because nothing connects anymore. And the more you are interested in his or her story (s), the more personable you will become.

  3. I have to compliment you now ...

    And as concrete as possible and please not purely external (figure, tie, ...). Praise and recognition always create a good atmosphere for discussion. And if it's not a trivial matter, everyone feels flattered. It's best to combine gallantry and compliments with an open question: "Your question about the lecture earlier inspired me - how did you come up with it?"

Good Conversations: 5 Ways to Get More Interesting

The hardest part about conducting an interview is doing that Interlocutor's attention to be able to hold onto permanently. Those who bore their counterparts have lost their chance to establish a relationship. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary from your counterpart perceived as interesting to become.

But how do you do it? For example like this ...

  1. Don't give monologues.

    Do not attack your counterpart with a torrent of words. Even if you have a strong opinion on a topic, give your interlocutor the chance to digest and comment on what they have heard. Monologues can quickly be intimidating and lead to the fact that your counterpart switches off because they cannot participate in the conversation. Make sure that the person you are talking to responds to what has been said and asks questions. If he doesn't, it's time to stop talking.

  2. Put your interlocutor in the center.

    A conversation is not about yourself. Find out what concerns and excites the other person. Everyone likes to talk about their own hobbies and preferences. This holds the chance for you to establish a connection. Ask questions to get to know the person you're talking to better. A good listener who asks and answers in the right places is pleasant.

  3. Come up with three good stories.

    Many people find it difficult to start a conversation. You would like to start a conversation with someone, but you don't know what to say. Here it can help to prepare little anecdotes and start with them. Stories about other people, for example success stories from athletes or entrepreneurs, are particularly suitable. People who go through the world with open eyes and read a lot always have something to tell. However, as a starting point, avoid political topics such as: What do you think of the crisis in Syria?

  4. Pay attention to the way you say something.

    Even the most interesting topic can seem boring if it is prayed down emotionlessly. Vary with your tone of voice and underline what has been said with gestures. Only a small part of what we communicate is transported through language. Body language makes up the bulk of communication. You can inspire your counterpart with emotions and passion.

  5. Choose a stimulating place.

    If you can determine the location for a conversation or meeting, it is advisable to choose an exciting location. The behavioral scientist Dan Ariely found out that humans cannot assign where an emotion comes from. For example, if you are in an exciting and interesting place, the stimulating feeling you feel is transferred to the person you are there with. You can use this effect for yourself. An inspiring place can also be a wonderful way to start a conversation, for example if you are in a historical building or museum.

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