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health What the reaction to Chinese President Xi Jingping's coughing during a speech on East Asia is currently saying

Is it COVID-19, allergies, flu or a cold?

Fall allergies are usually caused by airborne ragweed. The classic symptoms are sneezing, clear runny nose, itching and tearing in the eyes, and nasal congestion. In some cases, a drip may appear down your nose, which can cause a mild sore throat. It rarely happens that you have a fever with nasal allergies. This is a helpful way to differentiate your symptoms from the other diseases.

In a story titled "Xi Jinping Coughs and Coughs at the Shenzhen Event," Apple Daily - a vehemently anti-Chinese communist party, The Democratic-Friendly Newspaper in Hong Kong - reported that in the second half of Xi's 50-minute speech, " often paused to drink water and coughed repeatedly ".

"Whenever Xi stopped, the live feed from the state TV broadcaster CCTV would rotate the camera to guests sitting behind the main table, but it could still capture the sounds of Xi's coughing and drinking," the newspaper said. The Epoch Times, a media company affiliated with the religious group Falun Gong, which has long been suppressed in China and is one of Beijing's biggest critics overseas, went with one

-Video titled "Xi Jinping in Shenzhen" one step further. is he infected? "Some Taiwanese outlets also noticed the president's" violent cough ".

Corona effect: delivery bottlenecks for various drugs possible

The fight against the corona pandemic continues. The spread of the pathogen could also put many important drugs and vaccines at risk. Doctors, pharmacists and manufacturers explain how to counteract this. Unsettled patients who cannot get their medication at the pharmacy. Concerned doctors who have too little of certain vaccines available: The corona pandemic is also having an impact on health care. Some experts observe that it has exacerbated supply bottlenecks for some - also important - drugs and vaccines.

There are, of course, many reasons for Xi to cough that are not indicative of illness: his throat may have been dry; He spoke for almost an hour, and China loves air conditioning public buildings like the one he spoke in. It's also important to note that China's countrywide over the past week was less than

Has reported 100 coronavirus cases, increasing the chances of getting infected by Xi from the pandemic that has extremely unlikely to bring the world to a standstill.

Prior to his trip to Shenzhen, which is partly a winning lap to show how much China has recovered from the coronavirus, Xi had been largely sealed off from potential vectors of infection with the virus, unlike other world leaders, some of whom have fallen, like US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Corona symptom or a cold? Why a cough is not just a cough

Coughing in public during the current pandemic is not exactly a pleasant situation - one can quickly be suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. Not every cough indicates Covid-19. It is a phenomenon of the current time: the nervous look when someone around has coughed. Often paired with an apologetic, sometimes annoyed look from the other side: "No, I don't have Corona, I just choked on me" quickly becomes sent afterwards to calm the environment down.

Despite all of this, Xi's cough - even with the suggestion that the leader of the world's second largest economy might be infected like the leader of the first and sixth - raised eyebrows on Thursday. Beijing is unlikely to reassure anyone either. China is guarding information about top leaders like Xi, about which certain biographical details are somewhat sketchy. In the past the president is twice

disappeared from the public eye, leading to widespread speculation but no clarification by the Chinese authorities.

Xi is also not the first character to cough without a mask and is currently greeted with bitter horror in Asia. Face masks are nearly universal in most parts of East Asia - required by law in some areas - and anyone who has to clear their throat using public transport will quickly find their surroundings far more spacious than before. Xi's throat was probably just dry. If he had coughed in a speech last year, no one would have noticed. But the coronavirus pandemic has shaped everything, including how we react to normal body functions.

These 10 home remedies help against colds - quick help with runny nose & Co.
These 10 home remedies help quickly and effectively against coughs, runny nose and body aches - completely without medication and side effects If the nose runny, itches or burns, these are symptoms of a cold. Sneezing and "runny nose" are defense reactions of the body, which are supposed to banish the pathogens from the body. As the infection increases, the mucous membranes swell up, making it harder and harder to breathe through your nose. This is how you prevent a cold.