Is it difficult to be a mechanic

The job description:
Motor vehicle mechatronics technician

In the past, vehicle technology mainly meant mechanics; today, integrated mechanical, electronic and digital technology systems are used. The automotive job profiles have long since adapted to this development: In 2001 the car mechanic and the car electrician became the car mechatronics technician. Vehicle mechatronics technicians are not only familiar with drive trains, body panels and transmissions, but also with on-board computers, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), drive slip controls (ASR) or electronically controlled driving stability programs (ESP).

Motorcar mechanic ...

  • are active in the motor vehicle trade or in the automotive industry.
  • work in workshops (craft) or manufacturing plants (industry).
  • take care of equipping, converting and retrofitting vehicles.
  • maintain and repair motor vehicles.
  • explain vehicle technology issues to customers.

The tasks as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician

Automotive mechatronics technicians can work in the automotive industry as well as in the automotive trade. While the processes in the industrial production systems are typically strictly regulated and precisely coordinated, in craft businesses the focus is more on working independently on the vehicle. A car mechatronics technician puts modern automobiles through their paces: if he finds faults, he fixes them, if he finds damage, he corrects them.

Automotive mechatronics technicians know how to install, maintain, repair and replace mechanical, electronic and mechatronic components. With the advances in vehicle technology, the way that vehicles work has also changed: Of course, wrenches and oil rags are still part of the basic equipment of a vehicle mechatronics technician, but they should also be able to handle computer-controlled testing devices.

Training and requirements

The most important basis for future automotive mechatronics technicians is technical and craft know-how. The companies also attach great importance to math skills and the compulsory command of the language. Because automotive mechatronics technicians in the trade are in direct contact with customers, they also need appropriate communication skills: for example, to explain the new components to a customer after a vehicle has been converted.

Motor vehicle mechatronics technician is a recognized apprenticeship. The dual training lasts 3.5 years and takes place in the vocational school and in the company. In the third year of the apprenticeship, you choose one of four specializations: car technology, commercial vehicle technology, motorcycle technology, body technology or system and high-voltage technology. If the performance is very good, the final examination can be brought forward, trainees and trainers must submit a corresponding application.

The training allowance

An overview of the average monthly remuneration of prospective motor vehicle mechatronics technicians in the trade (AJ = training year):

West German federal states

East German federal states

1st AJ

2nd AJ

3rd AJ

4th AJ


1st AJ

2nd AJ

3rd AJ

4th AJ


818 €

872 €

950 €

1.010 €

907 €

754 €

785 €

829 €

883 €

807 €

Source: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (2021)