How can you start over at 25?

Start all over again at 25?

Hello dear community,

I am currently in a very difficult situation and I am looking for advice and opinions.
I'm 24 and I'm in my 12th semester of chemistry and so far I've just tortured myself. At first it was ok, but in the last few years the joy of learning has been lost more and more. Last semester, I had a breakdown a few days before the presentation of an internship and am now taking psychological support. At the moment I can't imagine working as a chemist later. Now, at the end of the next semester, I would have the option of at least completing my bachelor's degree in order to have at least one degree. Then after 13 semesters, but better than dropping out. I trust myself to do this. What I currently do not trust myself to do is a diploma thesis (laboratory work just doesn't work for me). It would be another 2-3 years to graduate with a diploma, and these years would be a great struggle. At 26/27 I would have a Dipl. Ing. In chemistry, but not really the ability and also not the interest to work directly as a chemist. Of course there are niches that I would like and that are also possible with such a degree (science journalism, marketing, consulting) but then you are very limited.
Unfortunately, I listened to my inner voice too late and thought "you have to do this now". At that time I was very depressed, sad and without a plan how to proceed. I pulled myself out of this swamp and in recent years I have gained a lot of self-confidence, zest for life and openness (as it was before my studies). Only the studies remained the same.

I am not lacking in bite and perseverance, on the contrary, unfortunately those were the main reasons why I am only now seriously considering a change.
Also, everything was actually perfect before the studies. Section 1.3 the 8 years before always under 1.5 with joy and interest in learning, so everything is fine. But that changed suddenly during my studies, which saddened me. I would like to feel this joy and enthusiasm again!

I currently have the following alternatives, but would be 25 years old when I started my studies:

Both studies would take 5 years to complete the master’s degree, which would be 30 by the time the degree ended
Get any support from my parents, they even think I should give myself the time I need.

How do you see the chances for a 30 year old psychology or astronomy graduate (+ BsC in technical chemistry) with a master’s degree?