When does your date become your friend

First date: this is how the first date will be perfect!

First date: With these tips, nothing can go wrong

Your crush invited you? Do you dare to ask your dream boy out on a first date? Now is the next hurdle to love - the first meeting.

Before the first date

Sure, you're super nervous and have butterflies in your stomach, but still try to keep a cool head. In addition, the following applies: Only the date premierenot rushed compete! Take enough time to prepare. Think about what you want to wear on the date in good time. The worst thing is if you have to pick out clothes right before the rendezvous and then suddenly you don't like anything. Last minute styling decisions only increase nervousness! So, preferably such fashion questionsdecide the day before. Don't dress up to please your date better. Stay true to yourself, then you can appear relaxed and natural!

First date: outfits to fall in love with

Clothes at the first meeting

Do not forget: The clothes should match the occasion. So if you have an ice skating date, it would be completely wrong to dance in a party outfit. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes! After all, your crush probably met you the way you normally are, and you don't have to dress up when you first meet!

This is the biggest styling mistake on a first date

By the way, there is a styling mistake that you should definitely avoid on the first date. If you believe a survey by the dating app “Zoosk”, 66 percent of those questioned think wrinkled clothes are the worst. If there is nothing more. So in the future we will always pay attention to nice, smooth clothes on the next date.

Hard to believe, but apparently true. There should be a color that really suits everyone - better said - every skin type! And it's not black. We tell you which color it is, according to experts, and why this one color tone ... Continue reading

3 colors that are taboo on the first date

Another tip:Howcheatsheet.comreports, according to surveys, studies, and scientists there are three colors that don't go down so well on the first date. This is often because we associate colors with certain things and we simply feel more comfortable with certain colors! The color yellow is seen, for example, as selfish and treacherous - and many associate it with taxis, buses or advertisements for children. And that's not exactly romantic! The color too orange falls through the bottom - in a survey by the University of Washington, even 30 percent of male and female participants found orange to be the ugliest color ever! The color looks rather cheap to most. Finally there is the color brownthat is less popular on first dates. Many just don't like the color and it seems viewed as boring and not spontaneous.

This color will make you look smarter and more intelligent!

Make-up and conversation pieces for the first date

You know what to wear, but you don't know whether or how to put on make-up. Plus, you have no idea what to talk about with your dream boy! Are you afraid that you will not be able to utter a word because you are so nervous? Don't panic!

Make up

As with the clothes question, the same applies here: Just don't experiment on the first date! Put on your make-up the way you normally do and how you like it best. After all, you don't want to look painted on your date because you suddenly wear a lot of make-up and otherwise tend not to do it. Most guys aren't that into thick, flashy makeup, and prefer the more natural type. But of course that is always a matter of taste. Note: Less is often more here! Of course, covering up small blemishes and emphasizing your chocolate side is always a good thing. The main thing is that you feel comfortable, because if you don't, the other person will notice it at the first meeting.

Here you can find make-up tips for school, parties and dates

To talk about and topics of conversation

If you don't know a person very well, it often happens that you run out of things to talk about because of your nervousness. No problem: if you prepare a little beforehand, you can restart the talk if necessary. Good starting topics are hobbies, school, cinema and music. But even if there is no talk, it is not a disaster! After all, you can listen to him that way. And if you look deeply into his eyes, the rest will take care of itself. It is easiest if you share the same interests or if you ask what your counterpart liked to do during elementary school, for example, to indulge in memories of childhood together. This is how you can tell if you have a similar past. But that should develop from the conversation. Talking about funny topics also loosens the situation up a bit. Found a funny new podcast and it doesn't know it? Tell about it and share a few jokes!

On the first date

The time has come: You sit across from each other and start chatting. Even during the date, you can use the gestures and facial expressions of your counterpart to check whether he is interested in you. Open gestures are positive indications:
When hands are moved while speaking andEye contact is held, it looks very good for you. Crossed arms, on the other hand, indicate a defensive stance. So you should pay attention to which signals are being sent! And: don't mess your dream boy against the wall. Let him have his say and just ask, then he will notice that you are really listening!

How do I greet my date at the first meeting?

Have you been writing to each other for a while, but have never met in person? Or have you only known each other from school so far, but have only seen each other briefly there? No matter what background your acquaintance has. You can definitely hug to greet you. A hug breaks the ice and is a warm gesture. After that, everything else will just happen by itself.

Kissing on the first date - yes or no?

Of course, there are no rules as to whether or not you can kiss your date at the first meeting. When you have the feeling that things are going well and your gut feeling is secure, you can see if a situation arises. To be on the safe side, watch out for signs of your date. Is he looking for physical contact? Is he looking deep into your eyes? If so, then a kiss might be appropriate. But it's definitely not a must if you don't feel like it.

What can you do about nervousness on the first date?

Are you very nervous before the first date and can hardly think clearly? It actually happens to most of them. We are of course excited when we first meet someone we find interesting. But what can you do if you can hardly stand this nervousness any longer? Our tip: meditate! Take a little time, breathe in and out deeply, and try to distract your thoughts.

Do's on the first date

In principle, the following applies: Be kind and open! You have to get involved on the first date. And don't be afraid that you might have a funny laugh or something - if something is funny, then laugh calmly. It is important that you present yourself as you are. A little shyness is not bad, so he has his say and you can listen to him attentively.Smile at him!That's never wrong anyway, because it gives you a positive aura. You are also making him understand that he is pleasant to talk to.

Akiss or a kiss doesn't have to be on the first date, it can sweeten the end of the date and your heart pounding. Of course, only if you both had fun and you feel comfortable doing it.

Test yourself: can I kiss well?

Don't do it on the first date

Of course, there can also be small mishaps on the first date, but: You should definitely avoid a few big traps.

Don't be late for the date! That brings a negative message across. Namely: I'm not particularly interested in you or this date is not very important to me. Also, having to wait a long time could annoy him. Wouldn't be different with you! Interest in the date (and in you) decreases. So, don't keep your date waiting and come to the appointed place at the appointed time.

Avoid boring chatter about your ex-boyfriends! Your date doesn't want to know that at all, especially not on the first date. Plus, he might think you're not over your old love yet. And you don't want to know anything about his exes either.

Blasphemy prohibited: If you have the same group of friends or mutual acquaintances, hold back from making negative statements about them. It could get embarrassing if you criticize a good friend of his.

Check the cell phone: Nothing seems more impolite than checking your cell phone on a first date. This is how you make your date feel like they're not interesting and boring. Just in case it is definitely not boring, switch your phone to flight mode or put it in the bottom of your pocket. So you don't look at your smartphone with excitement!

What questions should you ask on the first date?

Are you dating and are you already thinking about whether you get along well? Don't worry about that, because if you prepare the right questions that really interest you, it will all work by itself! Think about what you really want to know. Most questions come to your mind while you're dating anyway. Questions often arise from conversations. But so that you prepare some dating questions in advance, there are now a couple of questions that always go:

You can ask these questions on a date:

  1. What are you really good at?
  2. What are you really bad at? (Usually eases the conversation)
  3. What childhood experience do you like to think back to?
  4. What were your hobbies when you were little?
  5. What is your perfect weekend like?
  6. In what do you think we are similar?
  7. If you asked me just one question today, what would it be?
  8. Can you cook?
  9. What is your favorite food?
  10. Late riser or early riser?

You can safely ask all of these questions on a date. Most of these will open further conversations.

The right location for your first date

Where is the best place to date: cinema, café or disco? It all depends, because not all locations are ideal for getting to know each other for the first time.

movie theater

The tried and tested dating locationmovie theater doesn't always have to be an advantage, because you usually can't talk during the film. And if you don't talk, you won't get to know each other either. So: If you're going to the cinema, then you should definitely go to a cozy café afterwards. It should be onConversation piece lack, you still have the movie to chat about.


Clubs do offer onerelaxed atmosphere, but are rather unsuitable as an environment for the first meeting! As with the cinema, there are again communication difficulties here. If the music is loud, a conversation becomes more exhausting and annoying than nice! Shouting in each other's ears isn't particularly beneficial on the first date.

Cafe / food

The best way to find out more about each other and get closer is in a cozy café or a cute restaurant. These are traditional rendezvous places to talk. Too calm or boring for you? On the first date, it is checked whether you are on the same wavelength and that is inromantic and somewhat quieter atmosphere best possible.

A walk in the park

A good way to meet up for the first time is also to take a leisurely walk. So you don't always have to look at each other and you're on the move. Is there a lake in your city that you can walk around? Do you live by the sea? Take a walk on the beach! So you can get to know each other quite easily.

Even more ideas for the first date!

What do guys want on a first date?

What boys hope for from the first date varies from person to person, of course, but some of the wishes already overlap with the respective boys. We'll tell you what these are below:

  • Be open and renounce flat prejudices and entrenched opinions
  • Give him your complete attention
  • Don't compare him with your ex
  • Sit one time or another little signs that suggest you like him. A look, a smile or a joke are enough

Who pays on the first date?

The rule that boys pay on the first date is long out of date. It is not a must for the boy to pay. It's best to come to an agreement before you order the invoice. He'll probably offer to pay the bill - but you can decide for yourself whether you want that. It's okay now to split the bill. If you'd rather avoid this issue, you can simply meet up for a walk - this will bypass this sometimes uncomfortable aspect of the date.

What to do if the date is not going well at all and I want to go home?

Your first date not going so well can happen and it really isn't a bad thing! If you don't feel well, you can use every moment and go home - after all, you still know best what is good for you and what is not. But how do you tell your date that you want to go home? You can of course come up with an excuse (such as a headache), which is of course the easiest - but it is also a nasty way to turn someone off. If you are confident enough, you can just be honest. Try to make the other person feel nice that you notice that the harmony between you is not right and that you would like to end the date. Always be friendly and polite and have a friend pick you up afterwards.

How do I say goodbye after the first date?

When you say goodbye, of course, it depends on how the date went. What is most important: Be open and honest. Did you like the date? Was it possible for you to have a good conversation, was it vibrating or was it even radioing? Then you can say when you say goodbye, that you would be happy if you repeated the whole thing. If things didn't go so well, you can still thank them for the meeting, but frankly admit that you wouldn't consider another date. Of course, you can also write this in a message afterwards if you still need some time to think about it. In general, you should just let the farewell come to you. Whether you will hug each other or just go your separate ways always depends on the situation. Try to relax and enjoy the moment!