Why didn't Noah save the dinosaurs

Did the dinosaurs die in the flood?

When God wanted to destroy his creation because humans and animals had become evil, only Noah and his family, who still believed in God, were to be saved.
So Noah built a large ship called the "Ark" and drove a pair of each animal on earth (a male and a female) into the ark.
When all the animals and Noah's family were in the ark, God made it rain until even the highest mountains were under water.
All people and animals that were not on the ship had to drown in this so-called "deluge".

Some people believe that this narrative is a factual account and that everything happened exactly as it is told in this story.
They suspect that the dinosaurs were either too big or too bad to be saved by the ark.
In her opinion, all dinosaurs drowned in this deluge.

Then why didn't God save harmless smaller herbivores such as the hypsilophodon?