What is the settlement of family disputes

Mediation - mediation in conflicts

Mediation is a confidential and structured process in which the parties, with the help of one or more mediators, voluntarily and independently seek an amicable settlement of their conflict.

Mediation is ...

  • confidential
  • binding
  • voluntary
  • self-dependent
  • open-ended

Role of mediator

The mediator moderates the conflict discussions and ensures that the discussions follow a certain structure. The mediator has no decision-making powers. He is neutral and guides the parties through the mediation process in an appreciative manner.

The mediator is ...

  • independently
  • impartial
  • without decision-making powers

Conversation flow

Mediation includes different phases. It starts with defining the framework. The issues at stake are listed and each party can present its views and positions. Wishes, interests and feelings are also taken into account. This always under the guidance of the mediator. Successful mediation ends with a conflict solution being worked out together. A conflict resolution in which everyone is equally taken into account. The agreed measures and implementations are then recorded and "sealed" in the final agreement.

The course of the conversation is ...

  • structured
  • moderated
  • open to solution
  • solution-oriented

When is mediation suitable?

  • Family disputes
  • Conflicts in companies and organizations
  • Health care conflicts
  • Conflicts in Sports
  • Conflicts in the Church