Boys love to spoon

6 things men would like to tell you about spooning ...

To be the little spoon? A wonderful feeling. It feels like the big, heavy down comforter that we used to be covered with at Grandma's - in other words: There is hardly anything that is more intimate and relaxing than going to bed together after a long day and falling asleep spooned together. It's great ... when it works ... ;-)

Cuddling and spooning can be surprisingly tricky ... especially if you're the big spoon. And the big spoon is typically the man. Which is less of a gender-political issue than one of height.

This is what your sleeping position says about your relationship

We have therefore asked the men in our lives what they have been quietly enduring for years while cuddling and spooning ...

6 things men really think about spooning but don't want to admit

1. A human head weighs a bloody four kilos

A fully grown head weighs more than a newborn. Now imagine you are balancing a damn baby on your forearm for eight hours - and you're supposed to be sleeping too ... So don't be offended the next time your partner puts a pillow between you after ten minutes.

2. A pillow doesn't really help

A pillow between the head and forearm only delays the inevitable a little. At some point your arm will go numb and at some point you can no longer even feel your fingers ... Ouch.

3. Your hair is a nightmare

Long hair? Beautiful. During the day. But at night? At night this mane turns into a head full of evil snakes. At some point during the night, men literally breathe your hair in. It's not fun.

4. You fart sometimes ...

Are you sleeping. Your body relaxes ... and suddenly it all comes out. And thanks to the usual spoon position, you can fart right into the crotch of your loved one. Eh cute. And normal. But maybe the next time you will think about this exactly when you reprimand your sweetheart for letting you drive on the couch next to you ...

5. You are the perfect cell phone holder

In the end, both should benefit from spooning. And in a perfect world, you both fall asleep while spooning and everything is fine. In reality, however, that rarely happens. So what is man doing? He watches TV. The mobile phone can be perfectly balanced on the upper arm of the small spoon ...

6. We don't break out of the spoon because we don't love you

  • We just have to go to the bathroom.
  • And our arm hurts.
  • But above all, we have to go to the bathroom.
  • (We still love you guys, really!)