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From the Facebook universe: trends and changes in online marketing

If you want to advertise and promote your brand, you can use Facebook and Instagram. But are these platforms still popular? What is the current situation in online marketing? A current report from Social Bakers provides data and graphics on the trends and changes in the online marketing universe.

The growing popularity of social commerce, the changing roles of Instagram and Facebook, influencer marketing and the explosive rise in video content are just a few of the developments that online marketers will need to analyze and integrate into their strategies in the coming year.

explains Socialbakers CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak.

Instagram stories growing

Photo platform Instagram wrote big numbers in Q3: Compared to the previous year, advertising expenditure for Instagram Stories rose by 70 percent. The situation is different with parent company Facebook. While the social network continues to collect a larger part of the advertising expenditure for the news feed (more than 60 percent), the growth was not as it was with Instagram. The number is more or less stagnating and has only grown by 0.3 percent since last year. Instagram Stories now make up ten percent of total social media spending.

The fashion industry in particular dominates Instagram. Follower engagement is strongest in this category, growing to 31.9 percent in the third quarter from 27.8 percent in the second. E-commerce on the platform is growing and, according to overall interactions, ranks first on Facebook and second on Instagram.

Social commerce is particularly helpful here. Because brands are now able to sell their products directly on their own website, the number of obstacles is decreasing and fans are more willing to strike directly. It is noteworthy that the advertising labeling of influencers increased by 60 percent with the help of the hashtag #ad. This may be partly due to uncertainty, but this does not explain the entire increase. Among the companies examined for the report, Walmart was mentioned the most with 1,370 mentions from 856 influencers.

Instagram stories for everyone?

While advertising in Instagram Stories is mostly praised from all sides, not all providers have it easy to get their products to men or women in this way. Food, beverage and finance brands have the highest exit rates. Sporting goods, beauty and e-commerce brands, on the other hand, have no problem holding the attention of Instagram users. Many of the ads are viewed here.

There is a special focus on video content on both Facebook and Instagram. The video engagement has increased enormously on all platforms, which can be explained by the implementation of new formats such as IGTV, Facebook Live or interactive add-ons for stories. Particularly important for brands that want to get started on Facebook or Instagram next year: Mobile first. Paid ads are seen on mobile devices 95.8 percent of the time, compared to 4.2 percent on desktops.

Methodology of the report

The quarterly industry reports reflect the state of the Socialbakers database at the beginning of the quarter following the quarter of the reports. The data is collected once and is not updated between releases. The threshold for the report to be created is 50 profiles on Instagram and 50 Facebook Pages for the respective combination of regions and categories. If a particular combination does not meet the threshold, data is provided for a more coarse analysis whenever possible.

The complete report can be viewed here.