Why does Flipkart sell itself

07.05.2018 - Facebook: Market research on the paid version | Flipkart deal: Walmart beats Amazon | Vorwerk sells all HelloFresh shares

Facebook wants to find out whether users would accept an ad-free paid version of the network, Walmart has defeated Amazon in the battle for Flipkart and Vorwerk is selling all of its HelloFresh shares.

Possible paid version: Facebook is exploring user interest

Would Facebook users be willing to pay for an ad-free version of the platform? This question is again hotly debated in Facebook management after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. As Heise Online reports, the company is currently carrying out market research to find out whether users are interested in an ad-free paid version of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had stated at his hearing before the US Congress that there would always be a free version of Facebook - a statement that had led to speculation about a paid version. When presenting the latest quarterly figures, the company then admitted that it had thought about a subscription model.

Flipkart deal: award for Walmart, disappointment for Amazon

Walmart will acquire 75 percent of Flipkart. The board of directors of Flipkart Online Services approved this deal, as reported by Bloomberg. Accordingly, the deal will be carried out by a company belonging to Walmart. The acquisition of the shares will cost 15 billion US dollars. With this, Walmart has defeated its arch rival Amazon in the battle for the Indian e-commerce provider. Both US corporations had fought a bitter bidding competition and wanted to consolidate their position in Indian online trading through the deal. The Indian market is considered to be one of the markets with the greatest growth potential.

Vorwerk sells all of its HelloFresh shares

The Thermomix manufacturer Vorwerk has sold all of the HelloFresh shares. According to the Handelsblatt, the move comes as a surprise: Vorwerk had been involved in HelloFresh for six years. In May 2016, the company started a cooperation with the Kochboxen-StartUp and developed cooking boxes and recipes for the Thermomix. Vorwerk did not explain why it has now decided to sell all shares in HelloFresh. However, the sale of the shares should not have any effect on the cooperation between the two companies. "The existing cooperation between HelloFresh and Thermomix is ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely unaffected by this and will continue independently of it," assures Vorwerk.