Which takes longer to grow or sugar

How often should you go waxing or sugaring?

How long you can enjoy the smooth skin feeling and how quickly the annoying hairs grow back is different and individual for everyone. With one, the hair grows back faster, with the other it can take longer than three weeks before hair growth starts again. Normally, the waxing or sugaring should be repeated every four weeks, provided that you regularly go for permanent hair removal.

With an increase in the individual treatments, the hair density and hair growth decrease and the hairs grow back much softer, but hair growth is never completely stopped - this only works after several sessions with the Lichepilation IPL, which is also offered by SINE-SINE. With this procedure, concentrated light obliterates the hair roots in such a way that new hair growth does not occur. Sugaring should be repeated every four to six weeks on average. With waxing, the hair grows back after just three weeks, so that hair removal once a month is realistic and sensible. Of course, how often you go for waxing or sugaring also depends on your personal well-being. If it is very annoying to let the hair grow on your legs or anywhere else, it is best to go straight to the depilation as soon as the hairs have reached a minimum length of 0.5 cm. Otherwise, just wait a little longer so that the hair can be removed optimally.

If you have any further questions about waxing or sugaring, please contact our trained staff in the SINE-SINE studios.