Can you be brutally honest about something

Zodiac signs who are brutally honest with those who lie more often

Not all zodiac signs lie the same.

Can zodiac signs tell which person is prone to lying and which horoscope signs are most likely to tell the truth? Astrology may look like this.

Let's face it: we all lied. But how often do you lie and about what?

Below I have arranged the zodiac signs in the order of the most truthful to the least.

It wasn't an easy task, especially since each horoscope sign has its own topic, which they are more open-minded about.

Plus, many of us engage in dishonest behavior without wanting to (more on that later).

For example, some zodiac signs and their ruling planetary placements may give them the edge when it comes to twisting a truth in their favor if necessary.

Others may be brave and less interested in pleasing you, and they tend to tell the truth no matter what the outcome.

Take a look below to see which zodiac signs are telling the truth, even if it hurts, and the ones that are fake and lie to protect your feelings, by astrology, up to the horoscope date.

Aries: The double-edged sword

People under this sign are known to be very honest.

Part of it comes from virtue, but much of it comes from vice.

Although Aries are an exceptional guide, they are also known to be impulsive and aggressive.

Still, you can count on an Aries to tell you the truth, no matter what. Just be ready for it.

Libra: the shy truth-teller

Libras place an emphasis on social interaction and fairness, so they are more diplomatic and honest than other signs.

For them, brutality has no place in honesty, but their discomfort with the confrontation can make them hesitate instead of delving into a sensitive subject.

Leo: The high and mighty

Assertiveness and confidence allow Leo to be more honest than other zodiac signs.

They can be prone to arrogance so often they assume that without double checking, they are right and have no problem saying what they think out loud.

Still, their overestimation makes their truth very subjective.

Taurus: the faithful fiber nature

Next we have the trustworthy Taurus. People with this zodiac sign are very dedicated, both to their loved ones and to their pursuits.

Therein lies the problem, however: a Taurus will prioritize what they perceive as reliability about truthfulness - which means they will likely cheat about their outfit looking good, how much muscle they have gained, or how serious theirs are Mistakes are.

Accepting the Taurus' friendly mood is not a problem, but take the words with a grain of salt.

Virgo: the hidden critic

In general, Virgos are excellent communicators as long as they are given enough time to process.

Your communication is also usually honest, although often it is not helpful.

Virgos are intense perfectionists, and therefore they are ready and willing to share their criticism far more than their compliments.

Gemini: The Fence Sitter

Geminis are very sociable, value expressions beyond their diversity of interests and mostly mean what they say.

Yet the Gemini sign is often split in two and can be incredibly inconsistent.

While a Gemini could say something one moment and honestly believe it, that could change the next moment.

Just remember that this behavior is not intentionally dishonest.

Capricorn: the proud hypocrite

The strategic and pragmatic Capricorn is honest as long as they serve their ambitions.

If they choose to, they can use their self-discipline to develop a habit of truthfulness, but they are inherently workaholics and climbers.

Try building up their honesty when the information you need is critical.

Scorpio: The quiet and mysterious

Look, I'm not saying Scorpios are liars, but they are extremely mysterious and may not come up with information right away.

Ultimately, this does not come from malice, but from distrust. Sometimes the best way to find out what concerns a Scorpio is by listening to what is not being said.

Aquarius: The zealous avoider

Why is Aquarius at the bottom of the list? Because they have a striking resemblance to the Scorpio above: they are not always open.

However, in the case of Aquarius, this only applies to his emotions. Expressing weaknesses scares them, so they will likely just keep silent.

Pisces: the great martyr

The fish are the ultimate martyr. As with other zodiac signs, their mistakes are often unintentional behaviors.

People under this sign do not want to misrepresent anything, they just honestly feel they have fallen victim to the slightest inconvenience or perceived ease.

Krebs: The Master Manipulator

Because of their remarkable emotional intuition and imagination, Cancers are prone to manipulation.

You have the skills to do so, of course, so it may even be unintentional.

However, they value their social circle and its members and will remain loyal to you even if they insist on going their own way.