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During our Jordan tour we definitely wanted to visit the capital Amman and get an idea of ​​the 4 million metropolis. After we visited the rock city of Petra, crossed the Wadi Rum desert and bathed in the Dead Sea, it was now time for some city life. Amman is located in the north of the country and is just under an hour's drive from the Dead Sea. We did some research on the internet beforehand and found out that the city should be really lively, hip and modern. We saw a lot of street art, cool cafés and buildings worth seeing in pictures on the net, which we absolutely wanted to see. The best Amman sights and all of our tips can be found in today's post. Have fun browsing!

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General information about Amman

People bustle in the streets of the city, cars crowd close together, chants can be heard from the minarets and market vendors loudly bring their goods to customers. Amman is a mix of culture, tradition and modernity, was influenced by the Greek, Roman and early Islamic cultures. The young people of the city chill out with their laptops in hip cafés, cruise down Rainbow Street in their cool cars and enjoy the evening while smoking shisha.

Amman is the capital of Jordan and is home to it more than 4 million people. The city was once built on 7 hills, over which the thousands of white stone houses are distributed today. While the civil war is raging in Syria just a few hundred kilometers away, you don't notice it in Amman. The people are incredibly friendly and in a good mood, the streets are bustling and colorful. The city is one of the oldest in the world and continues to grow with the fastest. In just 10 years the population grew from less than 1 million (2004) to over 4 million (2014).

Arrival & onward travel

By plane: Most tourists set foot on Jordanian soil in Amman for the first time, as this is where they land at Queen Alia International Airport. It starts from Munich and Berlin with Royal Jordan, with Ryanair from Memmingen or with Lufthansa from Frankfurt. You fly around 4.5 hours from Germany to the capital of Jordan. Remember your visa, more on that here.

With the rental car: From the Dead Sea we made our way to the capital with the rental car *. After almost 90 minutes we were right in the center, after we got into the rush hour traffic and everything took a little longer. From Aqaba it would take around 4.5 hours, from Petra 3.5 hours and from the Wadi Rum desert almost 5 hours.

Our accommodation in Amman

In Amman we booked into a super central accommodation, namely the Nomads Hotel. This cool place to stay is only a 20-minute walk from the Roman Theater. In general, we were able to reach everything on foot from there. The Nomads Hotel is spread over several floors, with the reception and “living room” on the first floor. At the top of the roof there is a great terrace with a view of the city and the breakfast room.

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The rooms are simply but modernly furnished with TV, air conditioning, chair and table, storage space, comfortable bed and a small bathroom with shower. The internet was very stable and freely available on all floors. In the living room there is tea and coffee for free, here you can also play a game of table football, read or gamble on the Playstation. Per night we have with breakfast 48 € paid and booked in advance here: Nomads Hotel Amman *. We would choose this hotel again as it was just perfect for our city break!

Cool central hotels in Amman

The top Amman sights

The city is huge and yet the most important are located Attractions in Amman right in the center of the city. Grab a map of the city in your accommodation and just let yourself go. Many spots are discovered purely by chance while strolling past. We'll show you which highlights you shouldn't miss out on and take you on a virtual tour of the city.

Rainbow Street

The famous one is only 400 meters from our accommodation Rainbow Street. Numerous cafés, restaurants, roof top bars, galleries and shops awaited us here. The market "Souk Jara“Where you can buy handmade things, eat delicious food, clothes, art and other traditional items. This market takes place in winter (November to March) every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. (with film screenings, concerts, etc.).

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Just before Rainbow Street there is a small street with hundreds of colored lights. There is also the ultra stylish restaurant "Mijana"With the many lamps (google that times) and the still funky burger shop"Bus stop". Old buses and parts of them were expanded and converted into seating and dining areas. On Rainbow Street itself we can offer you a 1000% visit to the "Tim’s burger“Recommend or have a round of hummus and falafel Al Quod's falafel.

Street art in Amman

On our way to the Wild Jordan Center we discovered a lot of graffiti on the walls. The whole city should be full of it and we also shot at least 20 of these cool designs within one day. The street art scene in Amman is small and yet you can find really cool pictures on the facades in every district of the city. If you also feel like looking at a few of the works, you should follow the @ammanstreetart account on Instagram.

In order not to make it too easy for you at this point, we will not reveal the spots for the works. Let yourself go and discover some of these on your own by wandering the city with your eyes open. You can discover some works of art from a distance, as they decorate entire house facades.

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Wild Jordan Center

From Rainbow Street, head east to Wild Jordan Center. The building consists of a great shop with things that were produced in the country, such as hand-picked tea from the Dana Biosphere Reserve, hand-made soap from a small village in Jordan or self-made coasters and postcards by local artists. The absolute eye-catcher is of course the very stylish café and the terrace with a view of the city. The menu includes delicious, fresh and healthy dishes such as salads, bowls and sandwiches.

Here you can also sit and work with your laptop or just enjoy the view with a coffee. The Wild Jordan Center is owned by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and supports the local communities that live in the country's 8 reserves. These include Mujib Nature, Dibeen Forest, Ajloun Forest or the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve. The center also supports eco-tourism and offers tailor-made tours and unique experiences that carry this ulterior motive.

The souqs (markets)

Shortly before the Al-Husseini mosque we land in the middle of the colorful markets and couldn't get enough of the many fruits and vegetables. Here you really get everything you can imagine. Not to forget the many spices, drinks, meat, fish, cheese and and and. We stand out, but are greeted warmly by everyone and always greeted with a smile. We don't see any tourists here, only the locals themselves shop here. The Golden Souq is the most famous market in the whole city, souvenirs are best bought on the Souq Bukharia and everything that concerns fruits, fruits, vegetables etc. on the Souq Al-Sukar.

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Al-Husseini Mosque

In the middle is one of the largest mosques in the capital, namely the Al-Husseini Mosque. This mosque was built in the Ottoman style and is said to stand on the remains of the 7th century Umayyad Mosque. This building is located in the center of the city, right between the souqs, the Roman theater and the citadel. Both minarets of the mosque (see photo) are of different heights and also differently designed. However, we cannot tell you why this is so. It's bustling in front of the mosque and people are walking around everywhere. If you are properly dressed, you can also enter the mosque. There is one entrance for men and one for women.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the time King Abdullah Mosque, which was built between 1982 and 1989 by King Hussein to honor his grandfather. The mosque has a magnificent dome with blue mosaics, which is reminiscent of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Up to 3,000 Muslims can pray here at the same time. Crazy, right? Again and again we were approached by taxi drivers who wanted to drive us to this mosque. If you have enough time, it is definitely worth a detour.

The Roman Theater

A few minutes' walk further and suddenly we were standing right in front of the huge one Ruins of the Roman theater. That was a pretty crazy sight, we were just in the middle of the bustling alleys of the souqs. This building was built between 138 and 161 AD. According to various calculations, it could accommodate between 6000 and 11,400 people. The Roman Theater was extensively restored in the 1950s and 1960s and has been in use again since 2007 (Amman Opera Festival).

By the way, it is interesting that the rows of seats used to be divided according to order of precedence. For example, slaves, women and foreigners had to sit at the top. In the halls on either side of the theater are two small museums, the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Popular Traditions. Be sure to take a look, we thought the exhibitions there were great. It is exciting to see how the Bedouins lived back then, what useful items they had and how they were dressed.

Note: With the Jordan Pass you don't pay any admission, otherwise 2 JD per person. The theater is open daily between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The historic citadel

From the Roman Theater, we decided to walk to the Citadel Hill. The taxi drivers in front of the theater wanted to drive us up for 1 to 2 JD, but we wanted to do some sport. After about 20 minutes and many steps we reached the entrance of the citadel on the hill of Jebel el Qala’a. Madness! What a view! From up here we could see almost the entire city.

The entire area on the hill is quite large, so you should take at least an hour to explore a few corners. The remains of the former Temple of Hercules are particularly astonishing. It is also said that the hill is one of the oldest permanently settled places in the world and is today evidence of important peoples. Here you can find remains of tombs, streets, stairs, walls and other historical structures. That is also very beautiful Umayyad Palace with the beautiful entrance hall.

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If you go to the citadel in the evening, with a little luck you can listen to the muezzin singing. It was indescribably beautiful when the loud sounds of the mosques rang out from all directions after sunset. Take a moment, sit on the walls and just let this backdrop work on you.

ENTRY: Entry costs 3 JD if you cannot show a Jordan Pass. This grandiose site is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Jabal Al Lweibdeh

From the Citadel, our tour continued to Paris Square. For 4 JD we took a taxi (7 minutes) because we wanted to save some time. Here in the district Jabal Al Lweibdeh there are numerous galleries, cafes, street art, small shops and restaurants. It is mainly the young, hip and cool locals who run around here, as we know it from Berlin Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. You can stroll relaxed through the streets, drink fantastic coffee, munch on delicious cakes and just let yourself go.

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We went to cool after our walk Rumi Café seated and legs rested. We ordered two cappuccinos, a piece of carrot cake and a piece of brownie. We're not exaggerating, but that was the best piece of cake of the entire Jordan trip! We also really enjoyed the flair there. Also recommended are: Rakwet Arab Cafe, Zokak Coffee House, Old Town Restaurant & Cafe and Bait Baladna.

Tours & excursion tips

From Amman it is not far to some other highlights. If you are traveling with your own rental car, you can still make a detour or two in the area. Do you know any other trips? Then write to us in the comments and we will take your tips with us.

Off to the Dead Sea

From Amman it is only a stone's throw to the Dead Sea. The trip is therefore ideal for a day trip. The beaches Amman Beach and OBeach are chargeable with 20-25 JD admission. The other beach sections mostly belong to the resorts and can only be used as a guest. For some resorts you can also buy a day pass and enjoy all the amenities, but it costs at least 40 JD. You can book your day tour here *.

Our detailed report on the Dead Sea here

Mount Nebo

The Mount Nebo is located only 36km south of Amman and with a height of 808 meters offers you a great view of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. Moses is said to have visited this mountain shortly before his death because God wanted to show him the promised land of Israel, which he also saw from the top. Guests from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the mountain to remember this event on a tombstone. The Moses Memorial Church with walls from the 4th century is enthroned on the mountain. You can book your day tour here *.

Ma’in Hot Springs

Have you ever found something about the Ma’in Hot Springs read? A large waterfall, a small waterfall and various pools with hot thermal water from the highland plains await you there. The hyperthermal waterfalls are a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Thousands of visitors come every year to enjoy the mineral-rich water. In the 5-star resort * located there, you can book a nice room and take advantage of the great wellness facilities (mud packs, whirlpool baths, underwater massages, etc.). The hotel is located directly at the waterfall and is a pretty oasis in the middle of the rocky landscape. Book your day tour to the Hot Springs here *

Ruins in Jerash

The huge one Ruined city in Jerash