Are you going to start going to church today?

Our devotions are small-scale services with lots of prayer and music. We celebrate them with different thematic focuses.

The Devotion for doubters is a format aimed at people who want to learn more about God and faith. People who want to pursue and feel the elementary questions of the Christian faith: Who is God? How can I build my life on Jesus Christ? What is guilt Where does heaven begin If you want to discover faith again or again and again or for the first time in your life, then you are very welcome at the devotion for doubters!


Half an hour is a format that gives people the opportunity to leave their everyday life behind during the week and come to rest. An inspiring thought and the focus on God in the midst of hectic everyday life can work wonders: Change opinions, give strength, correct wrong paths and make God's work (again) visible in your own life.


The Youth devotion is prepared and designed by our teamers and our youth worker Carolyn Prein. Popular church music finds its place as well as self-written allusions by young people. This is definitely the space in which the youth of our congregation can shape the church according to their ideas. The result is inspiring devotions, which are not only the highlight for preliminary and main confirmands, but are expressly addressed to all parishioners!

The Evening prayer takes place on the last Sunday evening of the month at 6:00 p.m.

We celebrate with recurring elements such as the quiet time, open intercession, light celebrations, individual blessings and many songs of God's presence.