The mentality of a person really heals itself

Healing with the Spirit: Bringing people “right”

Healing with the Spirit: Bringing people “right”

What exactly does a spirit healer do? André Peter has been practicing in Heiden since 1989. One of his guiding principles: "The patient shouldn't deal with the disease, he has to deal with his health."

HEIDEN. "This morning I'll bring my car to the service, in the evening I'll pick it up in top condition." André Peter is convinced that anyone who has a similar attitude towards healers, but also to conventional medicine, will unfortunately not have sustainable success. He has been practicing as a spiritual healer since 1987, in a practice in Heiden since 1989. "Success with health problems requires the patient to help," he says. So it is also one of his main tasks to activate the self-healing powers in people, to "bring them back into balance". André Peter is also convinced of this: Psychological problems and disharmonies in the subtle body manifest themselves sooner or later as illnesses in the material body.

Disregard illness

André Peter speaks of three human bodies: the physical, the emotional and the spiritual body. There is seldom any connection to the spiritual (causal) body, for example in dreams or with brilliant ideas. It is the subtle emotional body that causes disturbances when it is no longer in balance. This is where André Peter's work begins. He must feel the vibration of his patient and be able to increase it. In practice, this can be done by the laying on of hands, but proximity is often enough if you are sitting across from each other at a short distance. A picture of the person concerned is enough for him to absorb their vibrations. In other words: remote treatments are also possible. It is important for him as a spiritual healer that he does not “suffer” but “feels with”: “Otherwise I will fall out of the vibration and be pulled down too much.” His task can be described very briefly: He tries to create balance and harmony in the emotional body by bringing the patient into a higher vibration that is closer to the original state. If he concentrates, he can see the force field of the emotional body, but that is not absolutely necessary for treatment. If the treatment is to be successful, the patient must help, possibly change his thinking and - he must want to recover! Anyone who unconsciously uses their illness, for example to get attention, will block it internally and thus undermine the treatment. "The patient has to deal with her health", says André Peter and afterwards: "With her health, not with her illness." A disease cannot be suppressed, but it must be possible to ignore it. Under no circumstances should one concentrate on the suffering. According to the law of resonance, this increases the symptoms.

The healer as a kind of channel

On the probing "But how exactly does spiritual healing really work?" an exact answer is not possible. André Peter talks about five different levels, and on one of them he has to be fully concentrated for the treatment. He does not heal, he is a kind of channel through which the forces flow. So he does not give up his own strength, but this type of healing is very strenuous because of the high concentration.

People come to André Peter with very different problems. There are many cancer patients there, people with addictions, with psychological stress, with AIDS and epilepsy, pain and trauma ... The vast majority of them have already been treated by a conventional doctor and bring a diagnosis with them. That can be very helpful, but once André Peter is in contact with his patients, he often simply “knows” what is wrong with them.