Why do the Chinese think they are smart?

This is how Uyghurs are oppressed in China

Millions of Uyghurs live in China - especially in the Xinjiang region. Most of the Uyghurs are Muslims, so they belong to the Islamic religion. Uyghurs are a minority in China. For example, they are strictly monitored, are no longer allowed to speak their own language and are not allowed to give their children Muslim names.

In the past few years there have also been Uyghurs who became violent and carried out terrorist attacks. Critics say that the Chinese government cannot simply suppress all Uyghurs as a result.

  • If something is different in a small group than in the majority of people, then they belong to a minority. If, for example, only a few people in a country belong to Islam, then the Muslims there are a minority.
    It happens again and again that minorities are oppressed or disadvantaged.

Uyghurs are to be reeducated

This week, documents containing classified information became public. These documents show that, among other things, around a million Uighurs in China are even housed in camps and treated badly. The Uyghurs are held in the camps for about a year. They should be reeducated there: they should give up their beliefs and adapt to the Chinese culture. Journalists and experts have checked these documents and assume that the information is correct.

What does the Chinese government say about this?

The Chinese government has previously said that there are camps where Uyghurs live. However, she has claimed that the Uyghurs volunteer there. The documents prove that this is not true. However, the Chinese government claims that the documents are falsified.

German politicians criticize the Chinese government. The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that countries like Germany shouldn't just look at what's going on in China. For example, you should send experts there to check what is being done to the Uyghurs. Maas also said that human rights apply to all people in the world and that China must also adhere to them:

China must meet its international human rights obligations.
Heiko Maas, Foreign Minister

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