Can you get rich in Norway?

The Norwegian oil fund - your trillion euro role model

How to get rich like Norway in 2nd edition (Bomsdorf / Campus Verlag)

Do like the Norwegiansandto buildYou simply accumulate a fortune in the long term. With consistency and ethical standards, the Norwegian oil fund saved and generated a huge amount by the end of March 2021:

over 1, € assets.

Because such large numbers are hardly tangible, here again in more legible form:
over € 1,022 billion. That is more than 1 trillion euros and also per householda huge sum namely well above 400.000 €.

That equates to over 200 per Norwegian.000 € on the high edge!

You can do that too. In my book "How to get rich like Norway - ingeniously simply building up a fortune", which is being published in a new edition by Campus Verlag Frankfurt / New York, you will for the first time be given a detailed explanation in understandable language of how you too can achieve such a solid fortune to build up and that since the fund started with higher returns and lower risk than the DAX!

Don't worry, you don't have to spend umpteen hours on the computer every month or even every week or have your money in your head to be able to quickly switch to another position even on vacation. Instead, it is enough if you use the book to find out more about the investment strategy of the Norwegian fund. Then you set the course once and then adjust only once a quarter or even only once a year and otherwise devote yourself to the important things in life: family, friends, hobbies.

You can't wait and want to know more precisely what the fund is and why it is exactly the right role model for you? You can get a first glimpse here today.

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