How can i brighten my day

Everyone knows those bad days when everything seems to go wrong. The morning has only just begun, but you already want to go back to bed. You'd like to just put the day out of your mind. But there are always bad days and no matter how bad they feel, burying your head in the sand won't help you. Despite everything, even bad days have their purpose. In this blog post we will show you why this is the case and how you can best deal with a bad day.

The bad day takes its course ...

You slept badly, the night was short and you feel limp and unmotivated. The alarm clock rang too late and the way to work today seems particularly stressful and long. This morning you have to go without coffee. The socks are on the wrong way round and you forgot something on top of all the evil at home. Great conditions for the rest of your working day ... After the long-awaited cup of coffee is finally in front of you, you spill on your work clothes because of the tension. All of this before an important appointment. Annoyed, tired and stressed you stumble into the next appointment and you know: today everything is really going wrong! The only thought that can cheer you up today: "I'm looking forward to my bed today."

Nobody can be in a good mood all the time

A bad morning isn't always to blame on a bad day. Sometimes there are personal things that go through your head while you work. But there are also days when you are simply in a bad mood for no reason. Instead of letting out the gloomy mood, most people pull themselves together and cover up their frustration. They don't wonder why they are in a bad mood. That would make perfect sense. Because those who get to the bottom of such feelings can learn something about themselves and others - and possibly make their everyday work a little more stressful.

Find the reason for your bad mood

While you can cope with a few setbacks a day relatively well, most people have crossed a limit at some point. Once this point has been reached, your frustration is so great that you would like to leave everything behind. But even a bad day has its purpose. A bad mood is a sign of your body to pause for a moment and ask yourself what is actually going on. Is there anything you may have felt left out? Are you dissatisfied with a situation at your work? Whatever it is, the important thing is to notice your bad mood and to deal with it. This will probably get uncomfortable at first, but this is the only way to let go of your dissatisfaction more easily in everyday life. Here are some tips that can help you out on a bad day:

Tip 1: What went well today?

Actually a very simple tip, but still effective: Keep in mind what was not that bad on this supposedly bad day. You still managed to master the day as best you can. So try all the more when you get home to recharge your batteries. Only when we have a certain emotional distance from the events of the day do we find events that were good. Often it is inconspicuous experiences, a friendly smile or whatever.

Tip 2: time to talk

A weekday is usually far too short to complete all of your tasks. Even so, you should still take the time to talk to your partner or friend. In this way you can gain some distance from the less pleasant events of the day. Talking about your problems is never wrong. The less frustration can build up in you, the better.

Tip 3: time out

You don't always have someone by your side who can distract you from everyday problems. So look for something that gives you pleasure. Take the dog for a walk or go for a walk alone and turn off your cell phone for a while. Listen to music or cook something delicious for dinner. It is important that you don't just let your bad mood sit on you or fall into self-pity.

Tip 4: work out

Find a way to really work out. This works best with exercise. Whether running or cycling, look for something where you can be physically active. The happiness hormones that your body releases during exercise will help you sleep better and make you feel more comfortable overall.

Tip 5: muck out

Clean up when you are in a bad mood? Sounds counterproductive at first, but it can have a really positive effect. Sort the closet or clear up the chaos on the desk - getting rid of old burdens not only creates order in your home, but also in your head.


It's not always that easy to get through a bad day. Nevertheless, take time regularly to deal with things that make you unsatisfied. Sometimes a glass of wine is also good. ?