Why do suits only have to be dry-cleaned?

With this guide you will learn how to clean your suit yourself

Clean the suit yourself: How to save money on cleaning

If a suit gets dirty, it is always a bit more difficult to wash. Self-cleaning has many difficulties and some things can go wrong. But with a few tips and tricks, you can even do this - and you can save the money for professional cleaning. Choosing a good detergent is one of the most important things; However, you are guaranteed to find the right product among the products from Coral.

The suit doesn't always have to go straight to the dry cleaner. If you are well informed and careful, you can wash it yourself. Pay attention to the care instructions and the right detergent, then nothing should go wrong!

Do you use washing powder, detergent capsules or liquid detergent to wash your clothes?

Wash suit: Pay attention to the washing instructions on the care label

In order to clean the suit yourself, you first have to find out whether and how the suit should be washed. All you need to do is look at the care label. We explain the various symbols on the labels here:

  • If a wash bowl is shown that is not crossed out, washing the suit is generally allowed
  • If a hand is shown next to the wash bowl, only hand washing is possible and the suit must not be put in the washing machine
  • If the label says “dry cleaning only” or if the basin in question is crossed out, the suit should be brought to a dry cleaner

Often there is no information on the label as to whether the suit can be washed with water at all. In this case, you can do a simple test: just drip a little detergent onto an invisible part of the suit and wash it off with water. If a stain remains after drying, you should have the suit professionally cleaned.

You should consider these things before washing

If, according to the label, the suit can be washed in the washing machine, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you should choose the right detergent, because suits should only be washed with wool detergent (this also applies to hand washing). To clean the suit in the washing machine, you should also observe the following guidelines:

  1. If you close your jacket and trousers before washing, this will keep the shape
  2. Put a maximum of three parts in the washing drum
  3. Never wash over 30 degrees Celsius
  4. The speed should not exceed 600
  5. Take the suit out of the machine immediately after spinning to avoid creasing

Never tumble dry the suit; hang it on a hanger to dry. Use a coat hanger that is as wide and strong as possible for the jacket. Let the suit hang and dry without adding heat - it is also advisable to pull the parts into shape and close all buttons beforehand. Once the suit is completely dry, it can be hung back in the closet and worn for the next occasion.

Remove light soiling by hand

Sometimes the suit doesn't have to be washed completely because it is only spotty soiled. If, for example, only stains have to be removed from the suit, simple steps can be sufficient. You can rub them out by hand with a damp cloth (ideally microfiber). If the soiling of the suit only amounts to an unpleasant smell (e.g. smoke or food smell), a night on the balcony / garden can work wonders. The fresh air makes the suit smell almost like new.

In any case, it is important that you inform yourself extensively whether and how you can clean your suit yourself. If you proceed carefully and carefully, and take into account the tips we have given, nothing can actually go wrong.

  • Self-cleaning is only possible if the suit can be washed with water
  • Pay attention to the washing instructions on the care label
  • Choose the right detergent and a gentle wash program
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